The Sentinel Slash Movies Project

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Title: The Sentinel Slash Movies Project (Shaman's Journey)
Creator: Thin Blue Line Productions
Date(s): 2004-2007
Medium: online
Fandom: The Sentinel
External Links: Website
Title Graphic by Helyn Highwater
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splashhscreen collage by Peter Neverland

The Sentinel Slash Movies Project (or Shaman's Journey) is a online collaboration of fan writers and artists that produced a monthly series of slash "movies" based on the TV show Sentinel. The project won a 2005 Light My Fire Award Nomination for Multiple Authors/Artists (1-5) - Design and a 2006 Light My Fire Award Nomination for Best Collaboration - Slash.

One of the organizers describes the project:
It all began in November, 2004 when, based on a brief exchange of emails about storylines, Lyn asked if I’d help her fulfill a vision she had about creating a slash series of monthly long stories, like TV movies; such a season would be less demanding than trying to get out stories on a weekly basis for a more traditional ‘virtual season’, and longer stories would give us a chance to get into some meaty plotlines. There was a discussion on Senad at the time that while there were case stories and romance stories, there didn’t seem to be a lot of stories that combined the two – so we envisioned a series of finely illustrated stories that would respond to that expressed interest. [1]

A Related Project

The Sentinel Slash Stories of the Month Season Two by Thin Blue Line Productions is a continuation of the concept of The Sentinel Slash Movies Project, however the author/artist creator group changed significantly, so this is considered a separate project.

Other Sentinel Virtual Seasons

The show has six, the most of any other fandom.



Featured Fanworks

  • The Right Path by Lyn
  • Holocaust by Arianna and Sylvette
  • Fireworks by Arianna
  • Beneath the Hunter's Moon by Jess Riley
  • A Rampart to the Mind by Annie & Lyn
  • Trick Or Treat by Arianna
  • Desperate Journey by Arianna and Alyjude
  • Full Of Good Cheer by Alyjude


  • Banner for Holocaust by Peter Neverland © 2005
  • Banner for Fireworks by Patt Rose © 2005
  • Banner for Beneath the Hunter's Moon by Virginia Sky © 2005
  • Banner for Trick or Treat by Peter © 2005
  • Banner for Desperate Journey by Joan © 2005
  • Banner for Full of Good Cheer by Joan © 2005
  • Banner for The Fortune Teller by Rhianne © 2007
  • Banner for The Path of A Shaman by Rhianne © 2007


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