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Name: Patt
Alias(es): PattRose, Ramblin Rose, Patt Rose
Type: fanartist, fan writer
Fandoms: The Sentinel, Magnificent 7, Stargate SG1, Starsky & Hutch
URL: her fan fiction is here and here; main website is here
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Patt is a slash fan writer and fan artist whose work has appeared in numerous fanzines and who specializes in photo-manip fan art. Her art won her a 2007 Light My Fire Award and her poetry won her a Stiffie Award in 2000.

In a 2001 interview part of the Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Five Senses, Patt explained her approach to art: I loved the show and started on the Newsgroup and would write goofy poetry for them. Someone there told me to go to the web and get to fan fic and I was off and running from there. Then I happened on Aly's work and she got me started on Senad and SXF. I was in slash heaven. Once I made friends with a few people I learned that they love to have collages and such things with pics of our guys in it. So, that's what I've been doing for ages. I love making them.[1]

In 2005, she wrote What You Get Is..., a Sentinel and Stargate SG-1 crossover with extensive interior art. According to the publisher: is an anthology with a 'body text' of about 40,000 words and a raft of artwork. Rather than bulking-up this opus and making a large size (A4 or Letter) zine with a lot of white space (which only costs you an arm and a leg at the post office!) we chose to 'go the other route.' We've presented the text in digest form ... with the type set like a paperback, it fits into 133pp, with color covers back and front. The result is absolutely beautiful ... and also cost effective! By presenting the story and art in a paperback-style format, we've cut the costs in half!!

She also published the ongoing Sentinel e-zine My Mongoose (winner of the 2005 Light My Fire Award) and participated in the Starsky and Hutch Virtual Season (online).