The Book of Counted Sorrows

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Title: The Book of Counted Sorrows
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): VampyrAlex
Cover Artist(s): Patt Rose
Illustrator(s): Patt Rose
Date(s): 2005
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Language: English
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cover by Patt Rose

The Book of Counted Sorrows is a 224-page slash Ezra/Chris Denver ATF Magnificent Seven novel by VampyrAlex. It has a color cover and two color interiors by Patt Rose.

Summary: A ghost from Ezra's past comes back into his life, leading the team into a tangle of murder and corruption that may cost Ezra's life and his future relationship with Chris. Just as everything is returning to normal, Maude Standish storms back into her son's life, bringing with her chaos and danger.