Highway to Hell

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Title: Highway to Hell
Publisher: MoonGlow Zine Productions/Cherokee Press
Editor(s): Agt. Spooky
Date(s): May 2007
Medium: print
Fandom: Supernatural
Language: English
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Highway to Hell is a slash wincest anthology. It was published in 2007, contains 147 pages, and contains 10 stories.

Some issues were labeled #1, but was the only issue published.

The front cover. This one has "#1" but not "by AgtSpooky" on it. This edition has 120 pages and is lacking the story "Failure."
The front cover. This one doesn't have "#1" but "by AgtSpooky" instead. This edition has 147 pages and contains the story "Failure."


The issue that has "v.1" on the cover is lacking a story that is on the table of contents on the publisher's website. That zine contains 120 pages.

The publisher's website lists the story in the table of contents as well as a page count of 147 pages. The story is: "Failure (Sequel to "Stronger Now" and "Never Again" - Sam and Dean finally learn the truth behind the visions and Dean finds out his decision in Kingsburng has serious consequences.)"

This probably means that "Failure" was added to a later edition, the one that does not have a volume number on the cover.


  • Stronger Now (Who or what is killing children in Kingsburg? Sam and Dean investigate the deaths and race to stop another from happening. Along the way, Dean shows how far he'll go to protect his brother. Originally written September 2006.) (1)
  • Never Again (Sequel to Stronger Now - Dean and Sam deal with the aftermath of Dean's decision. Originally written March 2007.) (56)
  • Slowly, Softly, Gently (Sam and Dean finally have the time to really make love. Short and sweet. Originally written September 2006.) (67)
  • Don't Let Me Go (Missing scenes and an epilogue from Faith. Originally written January 2006.) (71)
  • What If It Would've Been Me? (Sequel to Don't Let Me Go - Layla and the events of Faith still haunt Dean. Originally written February 2007.) (83)
  • One-Man-Show (Times Two) (Sam's been sick for days, so Dean takes matters into his own hands. Literally. Originally written June 2006.) (90)
  • No More Pain (Sam's headache leads to something much more between the brothers. Originally written March 2006.) (95)
  • The Choice (A post-Scarecrow fic - Sam wants Dean to make an important decision. Originally written January 2006.) (116)
  • Forget Me Not (A short vignette set after The Choice - Dean's memories of Mary are slipping away. Originally written March 2006.) (120)