The Chronicles of Riddick

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Name: The Chronicles of Riddick
Abbreviation(s): Riddick, tCoR, CoR
Creator: David Twohy, Ken Wheat, and Jim Wheat
Date(s): 2000-2013
Medium: live-action films, animated films, novels, video games, motion comics
Country of Origin: United States
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The Chronicles of Riddick, also known as just Riddick, is a science fiction franchise that focuses on the antihero, Richard B. Riddick (either portrayed or voiced by Vin Diesel) and his adventures in the 28th century.



  • Pitch Black (2000)
  • The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
  • Riddick (2013)



Shipping for the fandom mainly revolves around the main character Riddick, who is than shipped with variety of characters: Carolyn Fry, Vaako, Jack, Dahl, and William Johns. He's also shipped with original characters and other main characters from other fandoms in crossovers, such as Harry Potter or River Tam of Firefly.


There is a part of the Riddick fandom that enjoys crossovers. Some use Same Actor Crossovers, most commonly with Vin Diesel (primarily The Fast and The Furious) and Karl Urban. There's also a small faction of fans that add Xander Harris to the Riddick universe.



  • Walk Through the Fire by taibhrigh, Riddick/Vaako, Riddick believes the universe is circling the drain and now finds himself in the midst of events that could change it all. The Necro way was to keep what you kill, only Riddick didn't particularly like what he'd been saddled with, or really knew what the hell to do with it. Only thing he did know was that he wasn't dying to drop it onto someone else. Vaako's not sure what to think of the breeder now sitting on the throne, but he's having issues of his own and they started long before he jumped off the balcony and entered the fight against Lord Marshal Zhylaw. The two things he did know: he didn't want to die and he no longer wanted the job of Lord Marshal. Can the two man work together to find what they are both missing and save the universe or will someone succeed in promoting them both to full dead?
  • Right Hand by LittleMouse, Riddick/Vaako, "After the events of Chronicles, Riddick's looking for a good advisor, Dame Vaako's looking for power, Vaako's just looking for a way out."
  • Galatsadi by LittleMouse, Riddick/Vaako, "Vaako runs; Riddick follows. Wulia plots. A small, sun-drenched planet holds the key to Vaako’s past, Riddick has to get rid of a certain loyal-to-the-death army, and the Lady doesn't make life easy for either of them."
  • Tokens of Interest by cruelest_month, Riddick/Vaako, "Before and after the Threshold, Vaako makes an effort to forge a bond with his new Lord Marshall while observing the rites and customs of his people."


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