Walk Through the Fire

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Title: Walk Through the Fire
Author(s): taibhrigh
Date(s): 2010-10-28
Length: 36082 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick
External Links: AO3

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Riddick believes the universe is circling the drain and now finds himself in the midst of events that could change it all. The Necro way was to keep what you kill, only Riddick didn't particularly like what he'd been saddled with, or really knew what the hell to do with it. Only thing he did know was that he wasn't dying to drop it onto someone else.

Vaako's not sure what to think of the breeder now sitting on the throne, but he's having issues of his own and they started long before he jumped off the balcony and entered the fight against Lord Marshal Zhylaw. The two things he did know: he didn't want to die and he no longer wanted the job of Lord Marshal.

Can the two man work together to find what they are both missing and save the universe or will someone succeed in promoting them both to full dead?


There were large parts of this I greatly enjoyed and other parts that left me slightly confused and had me going back to see what I missed. Over all I enjoyed the story, I really liked that the hounds weren't just Riddick's, that Eve joined the Necros and the balance between Riddick and Vakko.[1]

This was really well-written and worth my time. It's the kind of story that makes me irritated that fanfiction authors get little respect from the established "literazzi". Excellent work. I'd be glad if you would inform me of any new or updated work you post. Thank you.[2]

This was trully brilliant! I rewatched the movie just so I could read this fic with fresh eyes and I really REALLY loved it! It feels like Kudos are not enough to express how I love this fic and neither is a comment. I could also use a FB like button and Reddit upvote and a reblog and <3 from a Tumblr. LOVE EEEET[3]

I am quite impressed with the plot and it's arc as it was unexpected in places - something often quite hard to find in fanfic. While not quite my normal taste - it's writing and characterizations made it worth the read - after all I finished it in one go - and it's 5:30am. Please keep up your writing - you have the knack.[4]


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