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Journal Community
Name: Muse Playground
Date(s): 2006-2010
Moderator: devisun7, garretelliot, happyfeet96, mpmods, netty_noodles, vertical_chaos
Founder: ?
Type: Roleplaying/Prompt writing
Fandom: multifandom

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Muse Playground was a combination writing and RP community on LiveJournal. As of 2022, there were 1,214 entries and 21,928 comments recorded in the community. Prompts were posted regularly, and members of the community could respond with a writing fill that was open for roleplay responses, depending on preference.


• We prefer that prompt responses be at least 50 words. All responses above 250 words should be placed behind a cut line. It would be appreciated if all sexual content be placed under a livejournal cut with a warning stating the fact.

• Please make your first response an introduction of your character; after that you are free to respond to any prompt that inspires your pup. There is no time limit for a response and no pup will be removed for not responding.

• Role playing - As some writers prefer not to role-play, we ask that each person make it clear in their pup's introduction whether or not their pup is available to role-play (also include this information on your pup's journal profile). Remember role playing is not moderated.