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Name: Imagine Your OTP
Owner/Maintainer: Christy Leigh Stewart and akacosmic
Dates: 2016-2021
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: Imagine Your OTP (Wayback Machine)
Front page
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Imagine Your OTP was a website for an online prompt generator that allowed users to generate a random AU and trope, alongside a kink if they chose to. It was created on October 1, 2016, and shared on Tumblr by Christy Leigh Stewart.

Lookit! @akacosmic and I created this fanfiction prompt generator

On the initial roll you'll get an AU and trope

If you want to turn it into smut you can click the kink button

There are hundreds of different results and thousands of combinations. The options were compiled through research of the most popular fiction AUs, romance tropes, and fanfic kinks.

None of the options are gender or sexuality specific and are applicable to polyamorous couples.

I hope you like the layout, we wanted it to look like a late 90s geosites page because… It's avant-garde?

Tag your OTP and what result you got, maybe your followers will write it for you[1]

The generator had different themes, and each theme had related prompts, AUs and kinks. The themes were, aside from the classic and original one: Christmas, Halloween and Pandemic.

The website was taken down at some point on 2021, due to unknown reasons.