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Name: Flufftober
Date(s): 2018- current
Moderator(s): Flufftober, noxsoulmate
Founder: lastrose-ofsummer?
Fandom: Panfandom
URL: Flufftober2021-Present, Archived version
flufftober2018-20, Archived version
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Flufftober is a month-long annual fluff challenge. One version of the annual challenge appears to have been started in 2018 by tumblr user lastrose-ofsummer as an additional prompt challenge for October, when lastrose-ofsummer noticed there were many angsty and kinky prompts but no fluffy ones. There may have been other flufftober prompts in addition to this.

The current "main" Flufftober blog, as of 2023, was created by tumblr user la-vie-en-whump, who began hosting their version of the event in 2021.

Event History

In 2018, tumblr user lastrose-ofsummer posted an "Flufftober Prompts" list for community use. It was moderately well received, so they posted prompts for 2019 and 2020.

In 2021, the current main Flufftober blog was established. Unlike the previous prompts, there were rules established around which works would be reblogged and boosted by the Flufftober blog. This included no underage smut, no adult/minor pairings and no incest relationships.

In 2022, prompt substitutes were added so users who didn't like a particular days' prompts could swap in alternative prompts. These were based on the top five favourite prompts from the previous year.

In 2023, in addition to the fan favourite prompts, an additional five substitute scenario prompts were offered.

Prompt lists

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