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Journal Community
Name: 100 Female Characters: A Fanfic Challenge
Date(s): 2005-11-13 - October 2016 (last entry)
Moderator: anenko, trialia
Founder: anenko
Type: fanfic challenge community
Fandom: female characters in all media
URL: 100 Women

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After yet another round of Misogyny in Fandom debates, and the argument that there were no "good" or "interesting" female characters, 100 Women was founded in order to bring positive attention to female characters in a wide variety of fandoms:

The intent of this community isn’t to exclude male characters, but to celebrate the numerous awesome--but often neglected--female characters in our various fandoms. Therefore, the focus of the story should be on a female character, and *her* life, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and adventures--*not* focused primarily on the males in her life. [1]

Fanfic100 was very popular at the time 100 Women was founded, and had already inspired various spinoff communities. 100 Women followed Fanfic100's example and created a chart with 100 prompts. Unlike Fanfic100, members were not required to make a claim on a particular fandom or character in order to participate.

Fictional Women, the prompt free affiliate community, was founded in 2008. It remains far less active than it's parent community.


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