The Greatest

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Title: The Greatest
Creator: bironic
Date: 2018
Format: Digital
Length: 4:28
Music: The Greatest by Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar
Fandom: Multifandom

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Featured Fandoms

The Greatest is a multifandom vid focused on characters of color in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It was created for 2017 Fandom Trumps Hate auction, and premiered at 2018 Wiscon.


"Don't give up." A celebration of some badass characters of color in recent science fiction, fantasy and horror TV and movies. Made for resolute as part of the Fandom Trumps Hate 2017-2018 charity auction.

Vidder's Notes

A year ago January, resolute won a vid from me as part of the FandomTrumpsHate charity auction. Her most intriguing request:

a multi-fandom vid set to Sia's "The Greatest" reveling in the bad-ass wonderfulness of characters of color in SF/F/horror TV and movies of the last 3-5 years.

I don't watch a lot of TV shows, but the music and concept called to me, and I couldn't resist the challenge. Fifteen months, a ton of help and approximately 75 new or new-to-me sources later, I'm proud to present:

Reactions and Reviews

Screaming. Just...screaming. This needs about six more zeros appended to the view count. Just look at the sheer VARIETY of skin tones, bone structures, facial shapes, hair types. It's a genuine visual relief from the monochromatic appearance of pretty much any other SFF-type compilation.[1]

Is this vid the greatest of all time? Possibly so. Featuring dozens of characters of color from a wide variety of sources, we see them triumph, fight, love, defy death. You'll sing, dance, and cheer.[2]

I love this SO MUCH! I especially love the juxtaposition of scenes of heartache and difficulty right before the vid explodes into joy with every chorus. What a gorgeous celebratory vid! ♥[3]

This is SO GOOD. Great structure and great clip choices throughout. The expressions from :52 through 1:00! The striding from 1:34 to 1:40! The dancing! And your construction of the death scenes -> exploding back to life (and SCREAMING :D) section is really powerful, and leads the vid into its strong, happy finish.[3]

THE GREATEST is long, fast-cut vid not only made up entirely of characters of color (hundreds of them!) but the kind of wildly heroic genre fiction characters that fandom loves… It is 4:27 minutes of fabulous power walks, hero shots, bold looks, and big emotions, with characters of color finally getting, en masse, to experience the wonders of saving the world and exploring the universe. There is also love: bironic ends the vid with a montage of hugs and kisses, loving families and sexy relationships, het and slash. Bironic also released the vid with a subtitle track that identifies the characters and shows, so the vid also functions as a recruiter vid for stories featuring diverse characters.[4]

The Internet is so deep nowadays that it can’t help but bury its best stuff sometimes. This is one of the unsung masterpieces of fan culture— dynamic, uplifting, encyclopedic— hell, even The Fits is in there.[5]