Continuum (TV)

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Name: Continuum
Creator: Simon Barry
Date(s): 2012 -
Medium: live-action television
Country of Origin: Canada
External Links: Wikipedia, IMDB, TV Tropes Livejournal fan community
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Continuum is a Canadian science fiction time travel television series that began in May 2012.


The protagonist is Kiera Cameron, a Vancouver cop (called a “protector”) in the year 2077. One day, she is guarding the execution of a group of convicted terrorists when they manage to activate a time travel device. While they had originally intended to go back only 6 years, to the height of their campaign against the government, they accidentally went all the way back to 2012 and equally accidentally took Kiera with them. As the only person in 2012 who knows what this dangerous group is capable of, Kiera takes it upon herself to stop them.

She soon meets and enlists the help of several locals. Alec Sadler, a young computer geek and the future inventor of much of the technology Kiera had on her person when she travelled through time, becomes involved when her technology reaches out to connect to her division command and instead finds his personal, experimental computers. Detective Carlos Fonnegra meets Kiera at a crime scene and correctly identifies her as a cop and one who could help stop future attacks. Through a combination of Alec’s hacking skills and a mysterious benefactor, Kiera officially becomes Fonnegra’s partner in the Vancouver Police Force under the guise of secondment from a shadowy, possibly illusory, intelligence agency called “Section Six”.


Within weeks of the pilot airing, fics and fan communities began to appear and TV Tropes started a page for the series [1].

Animated Gifs are the main type of fanwork in Continuum fandom at this time, many of which are posted on tumblr [2].

In the world of fic, gen character studies are a significant force in Continuum fandom [3]. This is partly due to the nature of the characters and partly due to the divided fanbase on the shipping issue. While Kiera Cameron/Matthew Kellog is canon and has the most fic, it is controversial with detractors questioning the wisdom of pairing dogged and moral Kiera with double agent and con man Kellog or putting forward ships of their own, including Kiera/young!Alec and Kiera/Carlos[4].

Notable Fanworks

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