American Horror Story

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Name: American Horror Story
Abbreviation(s): AHS
Creator: Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.
Date(s): 2011-
Medium: TV
Country of Origin: US
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American Horror Story is an anthology horror series. Each self contained series contains many of the same actors playing new characters in different settings and time periods. The series consists of 9 seasons so far: Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, Cult, Apocalypse and 1984.


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Fan Theories

As each new season has a different setting and theme, fan theories about upcoming titles are common. The production are known for posting cryptic promos which only encourage theorizing.

In season 4, Ryan Murphy announced that every seemingly unconnected season was connected. His announcement was in response to popular fan theories at the time. A single character had appeared in two seasons, Pepper was in AHS: Asylum and in AHS: Freak Show. Fans immediately began looking for more connections, theorizing about how the seasons could crossover and looking forward to seeing familiar characters again.


Based on works currently on Ao3, fanfiction in this fandom is predominantly femslash, with over 1400 works. Het fanfic comprises 1260 works but slash is rare with only 350 works. Some seasons are more femslash friendly than others. For example AHS: Coven and AHS: Asylum, both have large casts of female characters that are not related.

The most popular settings for fanworks used to be season 1's Murder House, or season 3's Coven. However season 8, AHS: Apocalypse was the largest crossover of characters and saw the return of many characters from the Coven and Murder House. AHS: Apocolypse is now the second most popular setting for fanworks, surpassing the Murder House and not far behind Coven.


Notable Fanworks

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