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Name: Sense8
Creator: Andy and Lana Wachowski, J. Michael Straczynski
Date(s): June 5, 2015
Medium: Live-action TV show
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Wikipedia, IMDB
Promotional shoot of Season 1's main characters.
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Sense8 is a Netflix science fiction drama television series about eight strangers from different cultures and parts of the world who are psychically linked to each other.


While living their everyday lives they suddenly have a vision of the violent death of a woman called Angelica and find themselves reborn as Sensates; otherwise normal human beings who are mentally and emotionally connected, being able to communicate, sense, use each others knowledge, language and skills. While trying to both live their lives and figure how and why this connection happened and what it means, a mysterious man named Jonas possessing the same ability tries to help the eight and protect them from another stranger called Whispers who is similarly empowered and is hunting them down to tap into their psychic link and capture them all.

Main Characters

  • Capheus, a compassionate Matatu van driver in Nairobi who is desperately trying to earn money to buy medicine for his mother, who is suffering from AIDS.
  • Sun Bak, daughter of a powerful Seoul businessman but also a star in the underground kickboxing world.
  • Nomi Marks, a trans woman and hacktivist living in San Francisco currently in a relationship with Amanita.
  • Kala Dandekar, a university educated pharmacist and devout Hindu in Mumbai engaged to marry a man she does not love.
  • Riley Blue, an Icelandic DJ with a troubled past that made her run away to London.
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow, a Berlin locksmith and safe-cracker, he participates in organized crime.
  • Lito Rodriguez, a closeted Mexican actor living in Mexico City.
  • Will Gorski, a Chicago police officer haunted by an unsolved murder from his childhood.

Other Characters

  • Amanita, Nomi's girlfriend
  • Whispers, a Sensate turned against his own kind who leads an organization determined to neutralize or kill sensates
  • Jonas Maliki, a Sensate from a different cluster-of-eight who wants to help the newly born cluster of sensates
  • Angelica Turing, a Sensate from an older cluster who becomes the "mother" of the cluster of eight new Sensates as she activates their psychic connection
  • Hernando, Lito's secret lover
  • Felix Bernner, a locksmith who is the childhood best friend and partner-in-crime of Wolfgang
  • Daniela Velazquez, is Lito's cover to hide his sexual orientation, her ex-boyfriend Joaquin Flores is jealous and violent stalker


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Due to the various sexualities canonically displayed in the television: slash, het, and femslash shipping are aplenty. Most of the pairings are canon, such as Wolfgang/Kala, Riley/Will, Hernando/Lito, Amanita/Nomi. A few fanon pairings have appeared: Wolfgang/Felix, Will/Diego, Sun/Kala. The group pairing of all eight characters: Capheus/Kala/Lito/Nomi/Riley/Sun/Will/Wolfgang aka Clustership or OT8 also appears.

Some works are even gen.


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The show has received criticism for perpetuating racist stereotypes and its treatment of other characters of color.