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Name: Humans
Creator: Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackle
Date(s): June 2015 – July 2018
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: United States, England
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Humans is a scifi TV series set in the U.K. The series is a joint partnership between U.S. network AMC and the UK's Channel 4. It aired for three 8-episode seasons from 2015 to 2018. Although a possible fourth season was discussed, the series was cancelled in 2019.


The series has a large cast, consisting in Season 1 of the members of the Hawkins family, an upper-middle class family in England; a group of "synths", synthetic beings or androids; a pair of police officers involved in investigating crimes involving synths; and a scientist who once worked on synth development. In the second season various characters connected to a multinational called Qualia as well as a new synth join the cast.

The cast included various well known actors including William Hurt, Carrie Ann Moss, Tom Goodman-Hill, Katherine Parkinson and fandom favorite, Colin Morgan. Gemma Chan, whose role is the principal synth Anita/Mia, became the face of the show in its publicity and it was her most well known role as of Season 1. The series was well received, and was nominated or won multiple awards including Best British TV Drama Writing in 2015 and a BAFTA Television: Drama Series nomination in 2016.


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Due to both its science fiction premise and Colin Morgan's previous role in Merlin there was a fair amount of interest in the series, which preceded similar type stories such as the TV reboot of Westworld. Fanfiction appeared immediately although the fandom remains small, and while Colin Morgan's character Leo has the most fanfiction, a variety of series characters also appear. There are very few crossover stories, although it is a bit more common in fan art, and the majority of the fanfiction is het, pairing Leo with Mattie Hawkins.

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