WIP Big Bang

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Name: WIP Big Bang
Date(s): March to July 2015-present
Moderator(s): reeby10
Founder: reeby10, frea_o
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Multifandom
Associated Community: on Livejournal, on Dreamwidth, on tumblr;
URL: collection on AO3
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WIP Big Bang is a multifandom Big Bang challenge. It is organised through LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, and tumblr and began in 2015, with posting directly to the collection on AO3 as of 2018.

As their profile explains: "We are the WIP Big Bang and our goal is to take the stories we've already started and to finish them by July 8, 2017. We are an all-fandoms-welcome exchange and will have artist claims and everything. It's like a real Big Bang, with a twist. You only need at least 500 words of a story you've already written prior to signing up and the goal isn't a word count* but to finish the thing."

They note that "to make it worthwhile for our artists, we do request that stories do end up being over 7500 words"