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Title: Fic Clique
Created by: Nicole, Brenna and Reid
Date(s): 4 October 2019 - present
Focus: fanfic
Fandom: multifandom
External Links: twitter

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Fic Clique is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Nicole, Brenna and Reid. The introductory episode was released in October 2019.

Each episode, the hosts discuss three fics, one suggested by each of them. Other topics include meta and fannish history. Each episode is approximately an hour and a half to an hour and fifty minutes long. They also occasionally release themed minisodes, and have a series within the podcast called Fandom Classics.


Fic Clique initially started in February 2019 as a "fic brunch" among the three hosts, who wanted to meet up for a discussion in the style of a book club, but with fanfiction as the focus. They each chose a fic, read it in advance, and then went out to get brunch and discuss. After mentioning a few fic brunches online, a couple of people expressed interest in knowing how the brunches were going, which led the hosts to the idea of starting a podcast. They made a beta episode in July 2019, sent it to six of their friends, and used the feedback to craft the format for the podcast as it exists today.

Special Episodes

In addition to their regular three-fics-an-episode format, Fic Clique also occasionally does minisodes as well. Some of the minisodes are about a specific one-off topic, such as their Writer-Beta Relationships episode, whereas others are more broad, like their annual top fics retrospectives [1][2]

They also have a series within the podcast known as Fandom Classics, which tend to run a bit shorter than a typical episode at about an hour each. Fandom Classics episodes focus on one singular fic and do a deep dive into what has made it such a notable fic within fandom.

"[We're going to talk about] fics that we have been considering 'Fandom Classics'. This is sort a nebulous term; there aren't necessarily specific criteria that a fic has to meet to be included here. There aren't a specific number of kudos or comments, it's more about fandom's reaction to the fic, oftentimes a fic's staying power, how popular it's remained through the years, fics that still get pointed to as a great example of a particular pairing or trope within a fandom."

- Brenna, from the introductory Fandom Classics episode United States v Barnes

Other Events

Fic Clique has also hosted a variety of general fandom events, including their annual Fic Rec Exchange, which occurs at the end of each year. [3]


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