Fafnir's Lair

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Name: Fafnir's Lair
Dates: March 2002 or before - present
Fandom: multifandom
URL: http://morningchilde.com/Home.htm
Fafnir's Lair.png
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Fafnir's Lair is a site with fanfiction and fanart by Beryll, Osiris Brackhaus, Vagabond and various guest authors.

Fandoms (English stories): Alexander (1), Crossing All Over (5), King Arthur (1), League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2), Lord Of The Rings (22), Marvel (Avengers, X-Men) (3), Once Upon A Time In Mexico (1), Original Fiction (5), Real People Slash (24), Robin Of Sherwood (2), The Bourne Supremacy (1), Titan A.E. (1), Troy.

Fandoms (German stories): Herr der Ringe (2), Original Fiction (3), Held der Gladiatoren (2), RPS (4), Shadowrun (1), King Arthur (2).