Stranger in a Strange Fandom

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Name: Stranger in a Strange Fandom
Date(s): 2007 - 2009
Moderator: jarrow and sdwolfpup
Type: community
Fandom: vidding
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Stranger in a Strange Fandom was a LJ community that set up rounds where people watched vids not in their fandoms and described what they thought was happening (with hilarious results).

Their profile page read as follows:

Anyone who watches fanvids can attest they're a fun way to celebrate and explore the fandoms you love. But what about the fandoms you don't know? What can you learn about them just from watching a vid?
SSF is here to find out.
Here's how it works:
1) The lovely moderators (jarrow and sdwolfpup) seek out vids and request vid submissions in a variety of fandoms.
2) Lovely people like YOU sign-up to watch 1-3 vids in a fandom you don't know over a two-week period.
3) Everyone who watches vids then writes up a synopsis of what they think the show is about. Plot, characters, relationships, deaths, who like french fries, whatever.
4) The moderators post the synopses (authors kept anonymous) for all to read, discuss, celebrate, laugh, and enjoy.

The community ran for three rounds on LJ during 2007 - 2009.