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Journal Community
Name: 30sexyfics
Date(s): 2006-2011
Moderator: 100_series, sky_pirate_tat
Founder: 100_series
Type: Challenge
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: https://30sexyfics.livejournal.com/

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30sexyfics was a challenge community that required participants to submit fills featuring 15 different pairings from a single fandom. As of 2022, there were 56 entries and 130 comments recorded in the community, but multiple people with a claim registered in the user profile had since deleted and purged their journals, leaving an unknown number of entries missing.

The first affiliate listed in the profile was 15pairings, which shared two mods with 30sexyfics.


Sex, Sex, Sex:

  • A sexual incident of some kind must take place in each fic.
  • These do not have to be heavily detailed or pornographic.
  • They can be full on smut if you want.
  • The characters in focus do not have to be the ones involved in the sex.
  • The name of the comm is 30sexyfics, but you can also enter artwork for your themes.


  • Claims can be from the same fandom, but they have to be different in some way. Different theme list, different characters claim, different universe (comic/movie/TV series version), etc.
  • In a pairing claim, the specified pairing has to be focal in each fic, though they may not necessarily be having the sex.
  • Unless you have claimed a particular character or pairing, you can use any pairing or character any number of times.
  • Threesomes (also known as OT3s) can be claimed, but for groups of four or larger, just take General.
  • There is a time limit of four months between posts. If we are unable to contact you about your claim before that time, your claim will be removed from the list. If you come back and want to try again, your previous entries will still count.