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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: Beyond Middle Earth
Date(s): 23 February 2002 – ?
Moderated: Subscription requires owner approval; unmoderated discussion
Moderators/List Maintainers: Joanne Collins (listmum), snow dome (archivist)
Fandom: Fandoms related to Lord Of The Rings cast members
URL: (mailing list) (archive)
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Beyond Middle Earth was a mailing list for "fiction from movies/TV series that involve the cast members of Lord Of The Rings." The focus was on LotR actors' other projects (and other co-stars); LotR and Lotrips fic was allowed only as crossovers.

What stories are acceptable for the list and archive?
Any character fic - slash, het and gen - from movies or TV shows Lord of the Rings cast members have been a part of. RPF, including RPS, is also acceptable, as long as it has people from one or more of the TV shows or movies. They can be crossovers, between movies. For example, Matt Damon/Ben Affleck slash is acceptable because Matt Damon was in A Talented Mr Ripley [sic] with Cate Blanchett, and Ben Affleck was in Armageddon with Liv Tyler.

-- frequently asked questions, 2002

As of June 19, 2003, the list had 95 subscribers and averaged less than 1 message per week.[1]

A fanfiction archive for the list was founded on March 3, 2002 and run by snow dome. As of March 17, 2002, the archive featured 8 stories by 3 authors (Joanne Collins, snow dome, and Twi) for 5 fandoms:[2]

Pairings eligible for Beyond Middle Earth were specially marked on the Our Rare Pairings pairing lists (run by snow dome with help from Joanne and others).


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