Angels Are Dark Awards

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Name: Angels Are Dark Awards
Date(s): 2007 or before - 2008
Associated Community:
Fandom: Multi-fandom
URL:; archive link
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Angels Are Dark Awards are vidding awards. In addition to awards, the site offers reviews of fanvids. Round 24 closed April 2008.

The 2.0 version of the site linked to:

From the rules:

3. Profanity, violence and brief nudity is allowed however NO PORN allowed to be submitted or considerable amounts of sexual scenes either this will direct in a removal of entrie from this site.

4. You are allowed to submit 3 different videos per stage.

5. As of round 10 you are given one more opportunity to submit a video that did not win an award in previous rounds 1 - 9. But otherwise you are not allowed to resubmit a video whether it has recieved or not recieved an award, I will allow exceptions if the video has undergone lots of changes and at least 50% of it has changed.

6. Rounds will close within 3 weeks of the round opening or once we reach 30 submissions (max). I do reserve the right for rounds to be extended or close earlier