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Journal Community
Name: Fanfic of Color (fanficofcolor)
Date(s): c. July 2007 – 2009 or later
Type: Fanfiction and discussion about characters of color
Fandom: Panfandom
URL: (defunct)

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fanficofcolor was a multifandom LiveJournal community for fanfiction about characters of color. It was also a forum for discussion about fanfiction.[1]

Seeking Avalon announced the community in July 2007:[2]

"And now that archive [Remember Us], is not alone. Livejournal plays host to Fanfic of Color, a community for posting fic and also discussion of Characters of Color. It's a new space being carved and realized - check it out."

It was linked in zvi_likes_tv's Pro-Character of Color/Anti-Racism Guide at newbieguide.

The community hosted a prompt meme in November 2009.[3]


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