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Name: zvi
Alias(es): zvi_likes_tv, zvilikestv, ZviLikesTV, WitchQueen
Type: meta, metadiscussion, fanwriter, moderator
Fandoms: Farscape, Grey's Anatomy, Popslash, Smallville, The X-Files, Anita Blake
Communities: 3-ships (I Saw Three Ships)
Other: http://www.zvilikestv.net/
zvi's fic website
URL: zvi at AO3
zvi at Dreamwidth
ZviLikesTV at Fanlore
zvi_likes_tv at LiveJournal
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zvi is a fanwriter, known for her meta and fanfiction writing. Many of her meta essays have dealt with issues related to race and racism in fandom. She introduced the term Imbroglio in the fannish vocabulary, and with it the idea that not all heated discussions are wank.

From zvi's Fanlore userpage:

I found fandom in 1997 after I flipped through Constance Penley's NASA/Trek in a bookstore in Oxford.

I'm a black, lesbian, American, which means I get written out of the story of white! heterosexual! female slash writers pretty often. I make a lot of noise about it.

zvi has also contributed to and founded fan communities and events. She moderated the I Saw Three Ships challenge, and the We Invented the Remix challenge. Was an archivist for the Farscape/Archive, and also founded and moderated the podficmeta community. zvi also came up with the Slasher Hanky Code at a 2004 Connexions convention panel. In the past, zvi has volunteered with the Organization for Transformative Works, working on the website committee and as a tester on An Archive of Our Own.[1]

In May 2016, zvi appeared on Fansplaining: Race and Fandom (Part 2).[2]

On Permissions

I resisted having a "permissions" statement for a long time, because I think you can already do these things without asking me, but just so you know: you may always link to or respond to any publicly posted meta or essays I have written. You may always remix, podfic, create art for or create secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have posted. You should include a link back to my work, so people can understand your work in the fullness of its context. I would appreciate being sent a link to anything you post publicly based on my work, because I like to see what interesting things people are up to, but it's not required.[3]

Notable Works





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