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Name/s: zvi (lowercase 'z' damnit). AKA zvi LikesTV. FKA WitchQueen
Fandom/s: Farscape, Grey's Anatomy, *NSYNC, The X-Files, White Collar, Leverage, Star Trek: (2009), Remix
You can find me at:
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I found fandom in 1997 after I flipped through Constance Penley's NASA/Trek in a bookstore in Oxford.

I'm a black, lesbian, American, which means I get written out of the story of white! heterosexual! female slash writers pretty often. I make a lot of noise about it.

I resisted having a "permissions" statement for a long time, because I think you can already do those things without asking me, but just so you know: you may always link to or respond to any publicly posted meta or essays I have written. You may always remix, podfic, create art for or create secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have posted. You should include a link back to my work, so people can understand your work in the fullness of its context. I would appreciate being sent a link to anything you post publicly based on my work, because I like to see, but it's not required.