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Journal Community
Name: Podfic Meta
Date(s): created January 14, 2010 - last updated June 25, 2014
Founder: zvi
Type: discussion
Fandom: podfic
URL: http://podficmeta.dreamwidth.org/

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podficmeta is a Dreamwidth community that was created in January 2010 "to articulate and debate aesthetic theories about podfic."[1] Although the stated intent of the community was limited to artistic criticism, the community did live up to its name and became a forum for other podfic-related meta discussions.

According to paraka, the community was created as a result of the meta discussion that followed the first podbang in December 2009.[2] (Check out the podbang:2009 tag at Amplificathon.) A few days later, zvi made a post on her personal dreamwidth account asking if people would be interested in a new podfic discussion community.[3]

The community was active 2010-2014, but was low-traffic. As of January 2021, the community had 110 posts; 1,545 comments; and 191 members.[1]

The community has been implicated as a problem in some discussions both within and without podfic fandom. In 2010, a few podficcers were concerned about (then) recent changes in podfic fandom:

pennyplainknits posted today about something that's been brewing for a while, about the chilling phenomena that some prescriptive podfic meta and criticism has had on her enjoyment of being a podfic reader. i feel that too, despite my attempts to constantly work against that prescriptivism, despite the way that i have worked to ignore that. i don't think the meta is bad, i don't think it is meant to be harmful, and in fact, i think that if the podfic community was a different sort of environment, one where there was more meta, more feedback, and more value put on the work of podfic as a fanwork rather than as a service or alternate format, i think it could be helpful. your mileage may vary! i really believe that. i really do believe that talking about what makes good and bad podfic, for you as a listener, in your opinion, is great.[4]

During the 2013 Fail_fandomanon podfic permission wank, some discussion of the ffa discussion occurred at podficmeta; the community was subsequently cited as a hotbed of podfic radicals.[citation needed]

In 2014, anatsuno spoke in favor of the community's goal--"because podfic is an art form like fic is an art form, we have to have spaces to review it."[2]


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