30 breathtakes

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Journal Community
Name: 30_breathtakes
Date(s): 2006-2007
Moderator: akaeoko
Type: Challenge
Fandom: multifandom
URL: https://30-breathtakes.livejournal.com

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30_breathtakes was a LiveJournal-based prompt community. There were 104 entries and 1,033 comments left in the community during its active years.


This is a community for fans to come and show off and improve their works! This community was inspired by all of the other 30 themes communities out there. This community is moderated by akaeoko and she will probably be requesting more help once the community gets bigger.

DO YOU WANT TO HELP? If you can do graphics, we are in need of a graphics person. We would like to be able to offer banners to the people who finish their 30 themes and we need the help of somebody who can.

So, how does this work? If you like to write fanfiction, draw fanart, make banners, icons, layouts, or pretty much anything, you're welcome here! The idea is to claim a pairing from a fandom and then complete 30 themes, which are posted below, for them. Once you have completed 30 themes, you will get a banner(once we find a nice banner maker willing to help us out.)

(1) You do NOT have to do the 30 themes in order. Do them as inspiration hits you.

(2) Please post at least once every month. If you do not post within this time, you're going to be concidered inactive. If you don't post in two months, then your claim will be taken off and will be open to anybody else who wants it.

(3) You may claim up to two pairings. If you do so, they must be from different fandoms.

(4) You can collaborate with up to one more person. If you do so, this will count as one pairing, so you cannot have two pairings and a collaboration. However, if you collaborate, you can override the fandom rule (See #3). If you choose to collaborate, the two of you will do a total of 30 themes, meaning you each do 15 and not 30.

(6) Interpret the themes as you will, but remember that these are supposed to be breathtaking themes. If you're confused by what I mean, I mean so beautiful that you forget to breathe or hold your breath or... something that's just so insanely beautiful you fill up with emotion. :D

(7) The bonuses can either be replacements for any of the main themes you don't have any ideas for, or they can be extras to do after you have completed all 30 themes.

(8) Once you have completed 30 themes, it's up to you to either give up the pairing or do any/all of the bonuses!

(9) All pairings are welcome Yaoi, Yuri, or Het. All ratings are welcome as well, but please state clearly if it's rated R.