UFO Awards

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Name: Universal Fanfiction Open Awards or UFO Awards
Date(s): 2006 -
Frequency: Yearly
Format: Open voting
Type: Fan fiction awards
Associated Community: dotmoon.net
Fandom: Multi-fandom
URL: http://www.dotmoon.net/awards/
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The UFO Awards, an acronym for Universal Fanfiction Open Awards, are online multi-fandom awards given to fan fiction, including "Best of Fandom" which is given for each Fandom and "Best Overall" in which stories from different fandoms can compete against each other. It is sponsored by the dotmoon.net community, but accepts votes from non-members.[1]

The symbol of the awards is a brown-and-white saucer-shaped spaceship with three searchlights.


The UFO Awards have been giving awards every year beginning in 2006.[2]

Winners receive an award graphic and all seconded nominations are acknowledged on the archive page for their year, even if they don't win.


The UFO Awards has been accused, along with all other online awards, of being vulnerable to vote-stuffing. It has also been accused of not being able to determine the best fan fiction in fandoms that it is not focused on, such as Kim Possible.[3]


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