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Name: Fictionesque
Date(s): Founded around 2009,[1] abandoned circa August 2016[2]
Fandom: multifandom
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Fictionesque was a multifandom archive. It appears to have gone down around August 2016, with the Wayback Machine showing the final capture of the main page (which is devoid of announcements and claims to contain no stories, authors, or users) from August 20, 2016.[2] (There are pages archived from earlier in the month.)[3] The next most recent capture of this page, from April 14, 2016, indicates the site hosted over 2,600 works, with around 1,300 authors and over 30,000 users. The most recent announcement is dated from December 13, 2011.[1]


The archive made use of a tagging system for fandoms and certain details (such as the presence of slash, fluff, or original characters), and a genre and maturity rating system similar to[4]

Users could also subscribe to and favorite authors and works, and leave reviews of fics. The sidebar on the work page would indicate how many reviews each chapter had, as well as the work's total number of reviews.[3][5]


The archive allowed both fanfiction and original content.[1]


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Some archived stories can be found on the Wayback Machine here.