DVD Commentary Challenge

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Name: DVD Commentary Challenge
Date(s): 2006-2009
Moderator(s): Seperis, general_jinjur
Founder: Seperis
Type: commentary, Challenge, Meta
Fandom: multifandom
Associated Community:
URL: DVD Commentary Challenge Community; archive link
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The DVD Commentary Challenge was an annual multifandom challenge to create and post reader commentaries on existing fanfiction works, with author permission.

The name derives from the similarity to commentary tracks which may be enabled on DVDs, in that the story and the commentary are interleaved and running more or less simultaneously.


In 2004, DVD Commentaries were first initiated by lise and sandy the older in popslash fandom.[1] Originally, DVD Commentaries were written and initiated by the author of the fic; many of the first commentaries were posted to author sites. The earliest known DVD Commentary in a livejournal post was made by Sarah T discussing her story Immanence.[2]

In 2005, DVD Commentaries by readers was discussed by LC in an in-journal discussion.[3] The earliest known DVD Reader Commentary was posted by Te discussing the story Little Brother by Petra.[4]

In 2006, the DVD Commentary Challenge was discussed by Seperis in an in-journal discussion.[5] The DVD Commentary Challenge was formally initiated on August 4, 2006.[6]

The 2006 challenge yielded 78 commentaries in 19 fandoms; the 2007 challenge, 56 commentaries in 14 fandoms; the 2008 challenge, 60 commentaries in 21 fandoms; the 2009 challenge, 23 commentaries in 15 fandoms.

The Challenge

The challenge runs from August first until October first, ending at midnight. Sign-ups and the posting of commentaries are active throughout the challenge period.

The Rules

  1. Any fandom and any pairing or lack thereof is welcome.
  2. More than one person can do a DVD commentary on the same story.
  3. You must have author permission. The list of 2009 authors is here.
  4. Deadline for submissions is October first, 11:59 PM CST. There is no deadline for sign-up.
  5. The minimum is one commentary. There is no limit to the number of commentaries you may do.
  6. All commentaries are hosted on the DVD Commentary Community. Please wait a minimum of seven days after posting to the community to post the text of the commentary to your livejournal or your website.


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