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In Fanfiction

Within the context of fanac, a DVD Commentary is usually a written commentary or gloss that accompanies a given piece of fanfiction. The commentary can be written by the story's author or beta reader, or by another fan.

DVD commentaries were first initiated in 2004 by lise and sandy the older in popslash fandom.[1] Originally, DVD commentaries were written and initiated by the author of the fic; many of the first commentaries were posted to author sites.

The earliest known DVD commentary in a LiveJournal post was made in 2004 by Sarah T discussing her story Immanence.[2]

In 2005, DVD commentaries by readers was discussed by LC in an in-journal discussion.[3]

The earliest known DVD Reader Commentary was posted in 2005 by Te discussing the story Little Brother by Petra.[4]

In 2006, the DVD Commentary Challenge was started.


Outside of fandom, the term DVD commentary or audio commentary refers to an extra audio track on a DVD where one or more actors, writers, or directors discuss the film or show as it plays.

This general meaning of the term is also important to media fans; these commentary tracks provide an additional source of canon information, particularly for RPF fandoms. Phrases gleaned from DVD commentaries can also become part of fannish vocabulary: examples include Tigging and David Hewlett, How Are You So Awesome?.

Vid Commentaries

(vidder commentary both written and voiced-over the vid)

The more typical vidder commentary comes in the form of vidder's text notes, usually accompanying the vid's streaming or download location. Many fans find these notes helpful:

"I love vidder notes, and wish more vidders would put up notes when they post vids online, or make them available with vid tapes/DVDs. I like reading notes that provide info on the vid itself (fandom relevant info, intent behind vid, technical aspects) as well as the process of vidding itself. I tend to read notes after first watching a vid, but I make it a point to always read vidder notes when available. Sometimes notes add new dimensions to the vid, making me go back and look for things that I might have overlooked on first viewing. Other times, they may reinforce my particular "reading" as it were. Sometimes notes help me understand how a particular vidder approaches the creation of a vid, and the topic of creativity is one that interests me a great deal."[5]

On Live Journal the community vid_commentary launched in March 2009 and closed in November 2011. There were over 50 commentaries posted on 47 different vids.

Some Fic DVD Commentary Examples


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