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Name: TaVeryMate
Alias(es): taverymate
Type: fan historian
Fandoms: Due South, Professionals
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TaVeryMate was an avid fan historian and participated in many online communities, including the vidder and Pros-Lit mailing lists. During her stint on Livejournal alone from 2003 to 2012, she posted over 2,300 comments and generously provided copies of items in her fan collection. elynross, former con chair for Vividcon remembers how taverymate "donated a large number of DVDs with archived vids from ALL the fandoms she could find" to help build up the convention's vid library.[1]

She passed in October 2012 due to a heart attack.


  • "TaVeryMate was an avid fannish historian and contributed extensively to the fandom communities (Due South, Pros and Vidding). We first met online in 2002 on the vidder yahoo mailing list and discussed songvids, fanzines and fandom over the years. She was always pushing for more fannish discussions - first on mailing lists and later on LJ. And more recently she was helping several groups with documenting fandom history."[2]
  • "I just found out yesterday that taverymate died in October. This saddens me immensely—she was one of a handful of incredibly welcoming people when I first found my way to Pros a few years ago. I remember I was once lamenting that a very special fannish production, Classified, had been published long before my entry into the fandom (I think it was published originally in the late nineties) and while there was a zine available someplace of the reproduced content, how much I wished I could see and hold the original production given its nature. Taverymate just emailed me, said she had a second copy of the original production, and shipped it off to me, absolutely free of charge. A original of a fandom classic, much sought after, just passed on with love—a generous gesture so characteristic of her. I wish I had been more in touch with her; I will miss her."[3]
  • "I saw morgan dawn's post about taverymate having passed away in October, and my heart just broke. She was such a good fan friend to me, always giving me wonderful things like spindlesful of CDs with online vids on them back when I couldn't access online vids, and music, and all manner of things. She always had a kind comment, too, and was just such an all-round nice person. I feel just crushed by this news."[4]
  • Additional memories are being collected here [5], here [6], and here [7].


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