The Compleat Faulwell/Landing Party 6

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Title: Compleat Faulwell/Landing Party 6
Publisher: T'Khutian Press
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Compleat Faulwell/Landing Party 6 is a gen Star Trek: TOS fanzine.

It reprinted content from the zines Menagerie #10 (August 1976), Spectrum #32 (May 1977), and Warped Space (many issues, beginning in June 1975).


From Boldly Writing: "Landing Party 6 stories were the adventures of an Enterprise team that were the role-play alter-egos of Warped Space writers & club members."[1]

A Possible Revival?

Illos of the six members of "Landing Party 6" as they were printed on the cover of Spectrum #32. The artist is Joni Wagner, mash-up by M.J. Fisher
In 2007, Gordon Carleton proposed more adventures. From the MediaWest*Con program book:
The Return of Landing Party 6? With the 40th anniversary of Star Trek, ST panels and exhibits at Worldcon, and the "remastered" SFX on TOS episodes, Gordon has been inspired to possibly put out Volume 3 of the Compleat Faulwell/LP6, maybe for MW*C 28. There were a couple things that got left out of Vol. 1&2 and some new stuff is in the works. Does anybody care? Any artists and writers want to contribute? Also looking for some references if anyone happens to have them: Spectrum 32 ("Wanted" cover), and references to T'Kuht and T'Kuhtians in fanfic or pro stuff.

Reactions and Reviews: Both Issues

I adore Paula Block's Sadie Faulwell series. Some may call her Mary Sue, but I beg to differ; she is a real person, and a fine match for Paula's very realistic McCoy. Paula's writing is always wonderfully evocative, whether the tale is tender, serious, slapstick, or all three. [2]
I recently borrowed "The Compleat Faulwell/Landlng Party 6" Vols 1&2, as I recalled enjoying LP6 stories in Warped Space ages ago. Either my memory has warped or some of the stories that so impressed me weren't included. Aside from one comedy story (Girc'N'a Pun Farr. the title of which escapes me), I found it boring and repetitive, and Faulwell an atypical, but undeniable and annoying, Mary Sue. [3]
Listed as no age statement required but I disagree!! Some of the humor is amusing but there is a lot of sex (male/female) and some of the stories are definitely not for kids. One in particular, is about an alien species that f***ks everyone in sight as a matter of course, involves incest, though alien, and included a picture of one alien licking a pair of female [breasts]. I wouldn't pass this zine along to my 16 year old sister, let alone kids and really think it should be marked 'age statement needed.' [4]

Volume 1

front cover of issue #1 by Gordon Carleton
back cover of issue #1, Gordon Carleton
From the editorial:
THE COMPLEAT FAULWELL/LANDING PARTY 6 brings a number of surprises. First of all, I'm not Lori. I took over editing, as her work schedule ceased to allow her any free time, and because of the fact that I created LP6 and had a hand in the Faulwellian Epic from time to time. Secondly, this is Volume One. It became obvious that there were simply too many stories altogether to put in a single binding. And it's impossible to separate Faulwell from LP6. Volume Two does include the rest of the Faulwell and LP6 stories written to date, including a couple never before published, as well as many new illustrations. In compiling this collection, I was almost afraid to go back and read some of the earlier works, fearing that they might require extensive rewriting, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they hold up remarkably well, even after nearly ten years. In fact, the series involving the Poblocki Bears, Minkees, and Nudorians is still amongst the funniest things I've read. For the uninitiated, Sadie Faulwell and LP6 began in the early issues of WARPED SPACE in 1975. In the beginning there was Faulwell, and Faulwell was good. Inspired by her, the original STAR TREK TV series, Filmation's animated STAR TREK in its original run, and a desire to satirize the KRAITH WRITER'S GUIDE, I invented Landing Party 6. The series continued, and now includes STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE and the aftermath of STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN (STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK has not been released at this writing). Welcome to the world of the non-bridge crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. For those of you familiar with the adventures of Faulwell and LP6, welcome back. Six to beam up ... -- Gordon Carleton

Compleat Faulwell/Landing Party 6 Vol. 1 was published in 1984 and is 106 pages long. Artwork by Gordon Carleton, Connie Faddis, Karen River, Celeste Hotaling, Joni Wagner.

  • Birthday Waltz / Paula M. Block, p.2-7 (reprinted from Warped Space #7)
  • After the Ball / Paula M. Block, p. 7-11 (reprinted from Warped Space #7)
  • Lover's Story / Nancy Svenson, p.11-13 (reprinted from Warped Space #7)
  • The Original LP6 Writers' Guide / Gordon Carleton, p. 13-15 (reprinted from Warped Space #8)
  • A Private Little Naked Time / Paula M. Block, p. 16-23 (reprinted from Warped Space #8)
  • A Piece of the Naked Time / Gordon Carleton,p. 24-26 (reprinted from Warped Space #8)
  • After the Gold Rush / Paula M. Block, p. 26-35 (reprinted from Warped Space #9)
  • The Trouble With Revels / Paula M. Block & Lori Chapek, p.36-45 (reprinted from Warped Space #9)
  • The Beginning of a Long Story / Paula M. Block, p.46-50 (reprinted from Warped Space #9)
  • Nudorians on Parade / Gordon Carleton & Lori Chapek, p. 51-56 (reprinted from Warped Space #10)
  • Trouble in River City / Paula M. Block, p.56-61 (reprinted from Warped Space #11)
  • Birthday Waltz II / Paula M. Block, p. 61-69 (reprinted from Warped Space #12)
  • Pasadena Blues / Paula M. Block, p. 69-76 (reprinted from Warped Space #15)
  • Pasadena Blues II/ Paula M. Block, p.76-84 (reprinted from Warped Space #16)
  • Chronic of Our Times / Paula M. Block, p. 84-87 (reprinted from Warped Space #20)
  • The Way I Always Heard It Should Be / Paula M. Block, p. 88-105 (reprinted from Warped Space #26/27). Illos by Connie Faddis.
  • Po-em / Paula Smith (reprinted from Warped Space #26/27)
  • Son of Nostalgia Waltz / Paula Smith (reprinted from Warped Space #26/27)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

  • Birthday Waltz / Having escaped his 47th birthday "surprise" party, a moody McCoy tends to Lt. Sadie Faulwell's sprained ankle, and ends up plying her with drinks and dancing. The writing is excellent, with fine characterization and dialogue, and the story is witty, tender and lyrical without being sappy.
  • After the Ball / Sadie's point-of-view. McCoy is being shy after their first encounter, feeling like an old fool, and she sets out to convince him otherwise. Maintains the delightful dialogue and Faulwell's little eccentricities - like her addiction to the space between his teeth.
  • Lover's Story / A not-very-interesting romance for Chekov, with Beatles lyrics and heavy accent.
  • The Original LP6 Writers' Guide / Gives the low-down on LP6 - Sadie Faulwell, Girc'N, Kimeya Maya, Fred Shippe, Mitya Razumov and Writer's Choice.
  • A Private Little Naked Time / Events of "The Naked Time" from Sadie's point of view, along with developments in her relationship with McCoy. Wonderful writing. As Sadie gets drunker, she dresses up and drags unaffected Girc'N to the ball in the bowling alley, and is happy to have Riley as captain (Kirk never gave them double ice cream). When McCoy shows up with the antidote she sees him as killing everybody, taking all the fun away.
  • A Piece of the Naked Time / Events of "The Naked Time" from Girc'N's pov, recording the crew's actions. Amusing & rife with bad puns.
  • After the Gold Rush / The Sadie/McCoy romance seems to be distancing a bit. McCoy is moody over having to see his ex at Joanna's wedding, and asks Sadie to come along; she feels used to prove his virility. She is also propositioned by a big, strong, blunt Mooan, who names her "Puritan." Though tempted, she sticks with McCoy. Paula's usual fine writing.
  • The Trouble With Revels / LP6 is sent on a diplomatic mission to SCA 1465, where they find a medieval society and Sadie meets back up with the virile Mooan of the last episode, Athos. Athos challenges Girc'N for Sadie - but it's for appearances; Girc'N ends up well-looked-after while Sadie can choose to screw Athos or not. She chooses to.
  • The Beginning of a Long Story / Enterprise is transporting ambassadors and LP6 members are having to look after them. So far they have Poblocki Bears (who like to push buttons and are opti-pathic, meaning everyone has to be cheerful around them) and Minkees (cats who can only say, "feeeeed meeeeee"). LP6 is headed for Nudor to pick up the next batch of ambassadors when a stowaway Minkee causes a shuttle crash.
  • Nudorians on Parade / Kinda tedious continuation of last story - the Nudorians, like so many fanzine races, run around naked and seem to do nothing but have sex with anyone and everyone in sight. LP6 meets them at their crashed shuttle, fends off their amorous overtures and beams up with them. The Nudorians continue to screw everywhere and arrive at the formal reception wearing only navel rings as their fancy dress, having shed the trench coats Girc'N talked them into wearing.
  • Trouble in River City / Athos is aboard as the SCA ambassador; Sadie sleeps with him again. He feels called upon to tell McCoy that he has taken Sadie from him, to give him a chance to reclaim his honor. McCoy is not having any, refuses the fight, but is pissed off at Sadie for going behind his back, points out that sex is not a casual pastime for him, and is not much interested in hearing her excuses. He tells her to leave him alone, and she does.
  • Birthday Waltz II / Sadie and McCoy have been not seeing each other for a couple of months. It's Sadie's 30th birthday; her friends are holding a party for her. Ship gardener David Keith gives her her own pair of real overalls, and she proposes to him then goes and hides in a virtual reality room where McCoy inadvertently walks in on her in the midst of a raging thunderstorm. They quarrel, Sadie breaks her hand hitting him, and McCoy inadvertently creates a tidal wave. When he takes Sadie to sickbay to fix her hand, she demands a birthday dance and despite his insistence that it's over, he puts on the tape, knowing it will play over and over...
  • Pasadena Blues / The crew is enjoying shore leave on balmy planet Pasadena - except Faulwell, who finds it too hot, and goes back to the ship in a sulk despite tentatively renewing her relationship with McCoy on the planet. The planet suddenly takes off out of orbit of its own volition - it seems to be an organism - and the folks downplanet start to get chilly.
  • Pasadena Blues II/ A Sadie Faulwell story from pov of gardener David Keith, who generally tries like hell to stay off the bridge. He participates in a meld with the plant life which lives in symbiosis with the planet-creature, and learns that when the planet goes traveling, the plantlife creates a mist which functions as a protective shield. That mist is now threatening the crew on leave by preventing transport back to the ship. David and the plants manage to contact the planet-creature and talk it into stopping so the humans can get off. David, however, has some trouble pulling out of the meld - it takes both Spock and Sadie to pull out his roots. A pleasant story, with a charming visualization of David becoming a palm.
  • Chronic of Our Times / Odd and, I thought, not very funny bit of silly dialogue for Sadie & McCoy, married, with Thurber-esque drawings of the pair, with someone building an ark outside the ship and water coming in the window.
  • The Way I Always Heard It Should Be / McCoy's suggestion that they get married throws Sadie into a panic of considering her options, and then the two of them into a hurtful fight. On landing party, McCoy suffers an unheard-of heart attack. Waiting, Sadie blames herself. When she finally is allowed to see McCoy, he berates her fear of love, and convinces her to accept him. The writing, as always, is superb. Excellent characterization and dialogue, probably the best McCoy romance around. Nice illos by Connie Faddis. [5]

Volume 2

Compleat Faulwell/Landing Party 6 Vol. 2 was published in 1984 and is 127 pages long. Artwork by Gordon Carleton, Phil Foglio, Karen River, and Jane Clinkenbeard.

Paula Smith wrote the forward:
I am not Paula Block.

I mention this because it was Paula Block's contribution to the WARPED SPACE "Landing Party 6" stories and the start of her own Sadie Faulwell series that caused some public confusion over our respective identities. At the same time it was Po's Sadie series that introduced me to her writing, and I've been impressed, not to mention often awed by her talent, ever since. If a Mary Sue is an author's wishful fulfillment character, then Sadie Faulwell is one. But in the best, most forgiving sense: Sadie fulfills her author's reasonable and realistic wishes. Her presence in the stories you are about to read (or reread) never mangles the characterization of the Enterprise regulars. Her successes are not due to changes in the universe's normal rules that amount to magic. She learns from her failures. Kirk doesn't fall in love with her. McCoy does, but only after a reasonable length of time and a rational series of events. The happy endings come about realistically. Not that Sadie is a wholly reasonable and rational person. Like her creator, Paula Block, she operates best on the margins of reasonability, at the edge of rationality, near the cracks where oddity and the just plain weird peek out, but most of all, where human feelings are the purest. There's not usually a great deal of action in these stories, not much conflict, especially if that's taken to mean photon torpedoes at ten parsecs. What there is is emotional action, deep and involved clashes and unions between people's souls. The characters interact less hand to hand than heart to heart. And this is what I personally like best about, and occasionally envy in, Po's writing. She gives us, apparently so easily and naturally, the sense of her characters' hearts and souls, so that me must cry as Kirk reaches for a friend thought to be dead, or bust up laughing when Sadie makes a quip about legless Vulcan dwarves, or feel serenity as David Keith melds with a tree. She does it without sob and mush; her people don't talk about what they feel - they feel what they feel. I know of no other writer who can depict emotions of such wide range so well. And I'd like to know how the hell she does it.

I'm still not Paula block. But sometimes, I'd like to be.
From Gordon Carleton:
Vol.2 concludes the previously-published adventures of Lt. Sade Faulwell and/or Landing Party 6, as well as premiering two new stories which update the series through STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE and STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN. Due to the time warp of publishing schedules, Paula Block's "The Book of Changes" has become an alternate STAR TREK: III THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, as it falls into the same chronology, while being written before the third film's release. Interestingly, it parallels ST III in many ways, yet leads to its own conclusions. I shall leave it to you, the reader, to decide which is the better story.
front cover of issue #2 by Gordon Carleton, wrap-around cover
back cover of issue #2, Gordon Carleton, wrap-around cover
  • Mirror Leerer by Paula M. Block, p. 2-9 (reprinted from Warped Space #10)
  • The Rylan Recommendation by Gordon R. Carleton, p. 9-16 (reprinted from Warped Space #10)
  • A Private Little Amok Time by Paula Smith, p.17-21 (reprinted from Warped Space #10)
  • Mind's Eye by Gordon Carleton, p. 22-28 (reprinted from Warped Space #13)
  • Ayok Time by Erin O. Mercy, p. 29-40 (reprinted from Warped Space #14)
  • The Other Side of Paradise by Pat McCormack, p. 41-43 (reprinted from Warped Space #17)
  • It's In the Blood by Pat McCormack, p. 43-50 (reprinted from Warped Space #20)
  • Wedding Party 6 by Paula Smith & Paula M. Block, p. 50-63 (a fictionalized/tuckerized account of Lori and Gordon Carleton's recent wedding, reprinted from Menagerie #11)
  • In Defense of Faulwell by Vivian Sheffield & Pat McCormack, p. 63-65 (reprinted from Warped Space #16)
  • An Essay in Defense of Fan-Written Characters by Pat McCormack, p. 65-66 (reprinted from Warped Space #26/27)
  • Trekula / Gordon R. Carleton, p. 67-71 (reprinted from Warped Space #39)
  • Recall / Gordon Carleton, p. 72-86
  • The Book of Changes / Paula M. Block, p. 87-127

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

  • Mirror Leerer / Sadie Faulwell's experience with Mirror McCoy while he's in our universe - he's into S & M; she ends up seducing him to hold him until Spock can round him up, once she figures out it's not her own Bones. Believable and interesting take on this situation. Particularly interesting is Sadie's reaction - she does not altogether hate the way he's treating her.
  • The Rylan Recommendation / LP6 is sent down to observe the local primates, and find themselves sucked into an observation arena themselves, being observed by a Klingon device with overtones of the mindsifter.
  • A Private Little Amok Time / Typical LP6 story with no apparent point except to stage a few sex scenes. LP6 is investigating a rather dull planet when a party of Klingons arrive to engage in an orgy. [6]


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