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Klingon Karaoke is a fanac that combines elements of cosplay and filk. Often an event at conventions[1], there have been Klingon Karaoke sessions at private venues as well.[2]

One Klingon Karaoke group began in November 2002 by Keela & Katkith appeared at several Trek conventions.

They are regular fixtures at StellarCon and ConCarolinas in North Carolina with performances Friday and Saturday nights... In 2005, Keela & Katkith debuted their Klingon Karaoke at TrekTrak in Atlanta to an enormously enthusiastic audience and are excited to again return in 2009 for their fifth year. Female audience members will be delighted to know that K'Blahm, the Klingon jester, and his sidekick, KaBlooey, also return this year to assist! All the songs are in the huMan tongue, as normal karaoke is; it's just that the venue is karaoke with a Klingon twist. Worried the song you want to sing is not in Keela & Katkith's Klingon Karaoke collection? Bring your own CD! TODAY is a GOOD day to SING! [1]

Some events are mostly regular Karaoke with Klingon cosplayers acting as hosts, but other events use Klingon translations of songs and other filk. The House of Kiln who performed at various bars and events around Portland, Oregon, published their filk selection online.[3]

A search of YouTube for Klingon Karaoke will show you a lot of fans having a lot of fun. Including one clip that is likely Qaolin of The House of Kiln singing Bad to the Bone in Klingon.[4]


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