Writer's Guide to Klingonaase

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Title: Writer's Guide to Klingonaase
Publisher: Lynda Carraher
Editor(s): Lynda Carraher
Date(s): 1989
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English & Klingonaase
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Writer's Guide to Klingonaase is a Star Trek: TOS Klingon resource guide by Lynda Carraher. It is "elegantly produced in a binder with alphabet tabs, almost 100 pages." [1]

An ad in Communications Console says it is "collection of Klingon terms, proverbs, and background information, a must for any fan writer working in the Klingon culture. Xeroxed, includes 3-ring binder with alphabetical divisions, cross-references (English-Klingonaase an Klingonaaase-English) for ease of use."

Note: "Klingonaase" is a spelling used in John M. Ford's Star Trek pro novels.


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