Communications Console (adzine)

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You may be looking for the letterzine ComCon

Title: Communications Console
Publisher: Marion McChesney and Sandy Zier
Type: adzine
Date(s): 1987-June 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Communications Console is an adzine published by Marion McChesney and Sandy Zier. It was intended as the replacement for the Universal Translator adzine.

1987 flyer

At first, the zine was published four times a year. The spring and fall issues printed updates of previous information; summer and winter issues listed fanzines, new and old. At one point, the editor announced she would stop publishing the zine, possibly passing it on to someone else. This did not happen, however. Instead, she continued to publish it just three times a year, though the zine never really returned to its original size and depth. The last issue was published in June 1992.

The editors stated in the first issue that they would not be publishing any personal statements. "Many comments on the first issue applauded this decision; we received only a few disagreements on this issue. Too often, they lead to private vendettas, and we prefer not to be involved in such. We will, however, include an 'In Search Of...' category for help in locating lost fen as well as new addresses."

Zine reviews appear in the first eight issues, but then disappear.

Issue 1

Communications Console v.1 no.1 was published in January 1987 and contains 48 pages.

cover of v.1 n.1
From the editorial:
Well, we actually did it. This fall, we decided to pick up where UT left off, and now believe it or not, the first issue is ready less than three months later. Though we do not believe we can automatically fill the shoes (the shoes???) UT left vacant, we do feel zine listings are important - both to editors as well as fans. So here is our first shot!

Though we plan to follow UT's format closely so as to make the transition smooth, we would like to iterate our guidelines for CC:

Generally we are planning two full issues of CC per year, with two updates falling in between. Full issues will be published January and July, with updates in April and October. The updates will only include changes and new additions. Editors: The deadlines for the update to be published in April, 1987 is March 10. Though we did flex a little on this issue, since it is our first, deadlines will be adhered to. If an ad submitted does not appear in this issue, please be assured they will appear in the April update. Please limit ads to five lines. We reserve the right to edit for space limitations.

Issue 2

Communications Console v.1 no.2 was published in April 1987 and contains 18 pages.

Issue 3

Communications Console v.1 no.3 was published in July 1987 and contains 62 pages. The editors refer to it as "our second full issue."

Issue 4

Communications Console v.1 no.4 was published in October (mislabeled July) 1987 and contains 22 pages.

Issue 5

Communications Console v.2 no.1 was published in January 1988 and contains 60 pages.

Issue 6

Communications Console v.2 no.2 was published in April 1988 and contains 21 pages.

Issue 7

Communications Console v.2 no.3 was published in July 1988 and contains 74 pages.

Issue 8

Communications Console v.2 no.4 was published in October 1988 and contains 17 pages.

Issue 9

Communications Console v.3 no.1 was published in January 1989 and contains 35 pages.

Issue 10

Communications Console v.3 no.2 was published in July 1989 and contains 41 pages.

The editor apologies for the late issues during the last year. She says that she is going to cease publication of the adzine after the next issue. "A fan in the New York area has expressed interest in taking CC over. It is not 100% definite yet..."

Issue 11

Communications Console v.3 n.3 was published in October 1989 (not written on the zine itself) and contains 9 pages.

The editor states "I have decided to continue publishing 'Communications Console'. In order to do so, however, changes have to be made. CC will now be published three times a year, in January, May, and September. All issues would be full and complete."

Issue 12

Communications Console v.4 n.1 was published in January 1990 and contains about 30 pages (though printed only on one side).

While it is not numbered, it is the twelfth issue. The editor says she will start to print LoCs, but nothing that that deal with a particular person, as "I do not wish to encourage or help with the carrying on of any feuds."

Issue 13

Communications Console v.4 n.2 is undated and contains 24 pages. The editor gives a hint as to the publication date which is probably mid to late 1990. She writes that now that she is no longer producing her own zines, she hopes to "keep CC on schedule in 1991."

Issue 14

Communications Console v.4 n.3 was published in September 1990 and contains 24 pages.

Issue 14

Communications Console v.5 n.1 was published in March 1991 and contains 16 pages.

Last Issue

The last issue was published in June 1992.