Galileo 7 (Star Trek: TOS zine by Kathy Bushman)

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Title: Galileo 7
Publisher: Enterprising Publications
Editor(s): Kathy Bushman
Date(s): June 1968
Medium: print, fanzine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Galileo 7 is a Star Trek: TOS anthology of art and fiction. It had a print run of about 70.

Gene Roddenberry reading Galileo 7 at FunCon 1968, photo by Kathy Bushman. A transcript/con report of this con is in T-Negative #9

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Issue 1

front cover, issue #1, Kathy Bushman

Galileo 7 1 was published in June 1968 and contains 50 pages.


  • Untitled poem by Sara Fensterer
  • The Ballad of Lost T'Pring - poem by Shirley Meech
  • Amok Time Revisited - poem by Sara Fensterer
  • The War Game - story by Lucretia Soderberg
  • Paradise - uncredited poem
  • untitled poem by Irene Man
  • All art work by Kathy Bushman

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

G-7 is basically a ST art zine. #1, 58 pages, is crammed with beautiful full page drawings of the entire ST crew, interspersed with poetry. There's also a ST story entitled: "The War Game." One poem, supposedly written by Spock while under the influence of Pon Farr (the Vulcan sex drive) is entitled: "The Ballad of Lost T'Pring." Another poem written from Spock's point of view is called: "Paradise,"based on the episode "This Side of Paradise." This is one zine you should buy if you're a collector of STology. It's really worth the money. A second issue is being planned at present.[1]

Issue 2

Galileo 7 2 was published in June 1968 and contains 50 pages.

back cover by MAC, issue #2
front cover by L. Leach, issue #2


  • Cover by L Leach
  • Sic Transit - article by Kay Anderson
  • Interlude - story by Elroi Quenen
  • To The Enterprise - poem by Vera Heminger
  • Where is Everybody? - story by Linda Stanley
  • untitled poems by Sara Fensterer
  • To Spock - poem by Shirley Meech
  • untitled story by Anon.
  • Happiness is Humbert - artilce by Dale Kagan and Susan Scott
  • cartoons by Sara Fensterer
  • Art by Kathy Bushman, DEA, L Leach, Sara Fensterer, Dale Kagan and D
  • Back cover by MAC


  1. from Anti-Matter #2