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Title: Sub-Space
Publisher: Sacramento Valley STAR
Editor(s): Paul Newitt & Don Corson
Date(s): 1974-1976
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Sub-Space is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology. It is a club zine for Sacramento Valley STAR. There were five issues published, as well as one issue that bound them all together.

Issue 1

Sub-Space 1 was published in April 1974 and contains 57 pages. The front cover is by Doug Herring. The interior illos are by Don Corson and M. Mowder.

  • Beyond the Barrier (Part 1) by Don Norman
  • The Last Voyage by Burt Libe [Also in Babel #5]
  • The Last Challenge by Don Corson

Issue 2

Sub-Space 2 was published in April 1974 (second printing: February 1975) and contains 54 pages. The front cover, titled "Chance Encounter," is by Don Corson. The illos are by Jim Bullinger, Don Falloon, Doug Herring, and Clark MacDonald.

  • Graffiti Wall by "Kert Rats"
  • Gabriel by Don Corson
  • The Hand of Landru
  • Quest for Planet Earth by Don Corson
  • Life Begins at 20? by Mary Mowder
  • The Visitor by Clark MacDonald
  • Unofficial Transcript of an Unofficial War by "Vary Lowder"
  • Beyond the Barrier (Part 2) by Don Norman

Issue 3

Sub-Space 3 was published in May 1975 and contains 57 pages. It has interior illos by Don Corson and D. Falloon.

cover of issue #3
  • Universal Solvent by Burt Libe
  • Gene Roddenberry at EquiCon by J. Fund
  • Gene Roddenberry at Stanford University by J. Fund
  • Star Trek in Wax? by Don Corson
  • Looking Glass by M. Riley
  • Spaceberg by Don Corson

Issue 4

cover of issue #4
art from issue #4, "Kor" by Karin Giblin

Sub-Space 4 was published in December 1975 and has 60 pages. Contents include Star Trek spacecraft designs, fan fiction, Star Trek photos including convention photos of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley, Star trek fan art and more. The interior illos are by M. Castellano, R. Doninguez, A. Donovan, D. Falloon, K. Giblin, M. Riley, S. Swenston, and T. Whittier.

  • The Mirror by K. Weaver
  • Star Trek Chicago, con report by D. Olds
  • The Andromeda Six (Part 1) by A. Donovan
  • Change of Space by M. Riley

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Issue #4 opens with excellent illustrated coverage of the August 1976 Chicago Convention. We are then treated to some superb drama in two different stories. The first, unrelated to the episode "Mirror, Mirror," is called "The Mirror." It considers Kirk's compassion and the true Kirk-Spock relationship. The story presents Vulcan background and a good plot. All in all it is a good story dealing with a time device some what like the one found in "All Our Yesterdays." But, the plot is entirely different. The second drama is a two parter called "The Andromeda Six." It is about beings from a different galaxy, each with a unique power, such as molecular transformation, empathy, immediate translation of all languages, and bilocation. These beings picked up by the Enterprise are shortly afterwards involved onboard as the ship is repeatedly attacked. During one attack Spock is thrown off balance, forcing him to fall down a staircase. Scotty pronounces the still body of Spock to be dead. In the best tradition of movie serials, this story is continued next issue. Subspace also features some imaginative art—sketches of what the Klingon and Federation ships of their future will look like.[1]

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5
back cover of issue #5
flyer for issue #5

Sub-Space 5 was published in 1976 and has 60 pages. Color covers, black and white interior.

It includes fan fiction, artwork, puzzles, photos, art and more.

The front cover is by Paul Newitt, the back cover by Cameron Arbullo, the interior illos by D.L. Collin, Aren Donovan, Douglas Herring, John Moore, Ruth Parks, Ruben Dominguez, and Victoria M. Wyman.

Regarding the puzzles: "The Galaxy's Largest Word Search" by Becky Wong and Karen Zumwalt, and a "Script Search" where you match the clue number to the episode title. Also this issue has a crossword puzzle by Ronald Marler.

Contents (yes, they are listed in the zine in this order):

  • Synergy by Diana B. Morgan (from the log of the USS Yorktown) (9)
  • The Andromeda Six, a story by Aren Donovan, part II (44)
  • Starfleet Submissions II by B. Dominguez (more Starship and alien designs page) (18)
  • Scenes we'd like to see in Star Trek (24)
  • Script Search by Karen Zumwalt (38)
  • The Galaxy's Largest Word Search by Karen Zumwalt and Becky Wong, so big it takes 2 pages! (41)
  • James T. Kirk! (this issue's salute to William Shatner) by Becky Wong (37)
  • Unsolicited Comments about Space 1999 (31)
  • Star Trek 1966, a publicity photo before the TV premiere, by Diana Morgan (7)
  • Star Trek 1976 the USS Enterprise passing the Orion Nebula, by Diana Morgan (1)
  • Letter of Explanation from Franz Joseph, official release from Starfleet Command (6)
  • The Galaxy's Not-So-Large Word Search by Caroline Long (26)
  • Trektennial crossword by Ron Mariler (16)
  • In Recognition of Doug Herring (29)
  • Special Center Section
    • Spock (15)
    • McCoy (17)
    • Portfolio, art by V.M. Wyman (33)


Sub-Space Collected contains over 200 pages.

the collected issue