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Title: Faunch
Publisher: Susan Wolfe and Cecily Horton (first issue) and Susan Wolfe (second issue)
Date(s): 1970-1971
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Faunch is a Star Trek: TOS explicit het zine. According to its editor via The Strekzine List, its content is "satire/sex, the sort of stuff most zines use for filler." It is a ditto zine.

Issue 1

Faunch 1 was published in June 1970 and contains 10 pages. There were 51 copies printed, and its original cost was thirty cents.

  • Spock Story by Cecily Horton
  • The Clap Minders by Susan Wolfe
  • the front cover artist is "P.D. Dido"

Issue 2

Faunch 2 was published in 1971 and contains 14 pages. It has the subtitle: "Androxenophile" and was sometimes referred to as "Pentathlon, Androxenphile."