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You may be looking for Star Fleet Communications, a club zine published in the 1980s or a different newsletter called Starfleet Communications that was published by STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc..

Title: Star-Fleet Communications (also referred to as "Starfleet Communications" and "Star Fleet Communications")
Publisher: The Star Trek National Fan Club
Editor(s): Craig Highberger out of Pittsburgh, US
Date(s): June 1968-December 1968
Frequency: it was to have been published six times a year
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
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cover of issue #1

Star-Fleet Communications was a newsletter published by The Star Trek National Fan Club.

For similar zines of this era, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

The original plan was for it to be published every two months with intermediate, one page shorter bulletins in between. This did not occur. Instead, there were five regular newsletters in 1968 and at least three shorter bulletins that preceded the longer newsletters.

There were plans to publish a large final "yearbook," but this did not occur: "Craig regretfully announces that due to lack of time and funds, SFC is putting yearbook material into one last large issue and will then refund leftover subscription money. If you have any questions about your SFC sub, be sure to enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope." [1]

A sister zine was S-T Review.

Bulletin 1

Star-Fleet Communications Bulletin 1 was published in March 1968 and contains 2 pages.

  • a contest for fans to "create new McCoy vs Spock feud-arguments" (winners ended up being Ron Elling and Barbi Marczak)
  • other unknown content

Bulletin 2

Star-Fleet Communications Bulletin 2 was published in April 1968 and contains 2 pages.

the April 1968 bulletin

From the editor:

New name - to be published every two months with intermediate, one page shorter bulletins in between. Future issues will each include a photograph page, latest Star Trek information, Star Trek offers, information on clubs, contests monthly with prizes having to do with STAR TREK. Each bulletin will be about 5 pages or larger and cost approximately 30¢ each. There will be offered when printed by a letter (form letter) to every member and additional name on our list. We will also offer Journals, possibly every 4 months or less. Send in information! Write!

  • a blurb about the organization created to combat The Nielsen Ratings, Voice
  • a blurb about The Avengers (TV) zine, En Garde #3
  • a blurb about the fan club, Omicron Ceti III (includes a comment that NBC will not let this club complete their "complete ST play planned for his summer"—this is corrected in the next issue: It was Paramount's legal department that won't allow it.)
  • April Contest: "Here's a wild one - speculate on something on the Enterprise or "anything having to do With STAR TREK at all, and do it in a poem or short story! It may be as long as you feel is needed. But just don't get to carried away! The winners entry will appear in the Journal (Unless you wish not.)"

Bulletin 3

Star-Fleet Communications Bulletin 3 was published in May 1968 and contains 2 pages.

the May 1968 bulletin

This issue has a short description of a fan protest:

THE ONLY WAY TO PICKET NBC... AS VULCANS! On Friday, March 17 [1968], the Vulcan Consulate of Seattle Wash. had the time of lives picketed their local NBC station TV 5. They made signs, hung Julian Goodman in effigy, and wore ST uniforms, pointed ears and slanted eyebrows the whole time --- Read the entire story plus photos of the event in the Journal -- Order your copy today!

This issue has info about an upcomign con:

QUESTIONNAIRES: If all goes as planned, I'll be at the "Future Unbounded Show & Convention" over July 4-5-6-7 in Los Angeles at the Statler Hilton. For those of you who don't know, the convention will feature: a banquet,'a Masquerade Ball, Science films, an art show - and an auction. Bjo Trimble will be running a Star Trek day with a luncheon, guest stars, and auction - hope they sell tribbles! I'm almost sure of being able to get there & hope to see some of you there! If Bjo does get Leonard, Gene, or Bill Shatner, I'll get it all on tape & transcribe it to SFC, come to think of it, I'll transcribe anything that happens, having to do with Star Trek.

Journal 1

Star-Fleet Communications Journal 1 was published in June 1968 and contains 6 pages.

first page of story in issue #1, one of the very first Star Trek fanfiction works
  • Sub Space Communications and Bits of News
  • reproduction of a ST 8 x 10 Publicity Photo (Susan Oliver and Jeffrey Hunter (Vena and Capt. Pike) from "The Menagerie")
  • The Flowers of Circe, a very, very early example of fan-published Star Trek fiction, author is Lucretia Soderberg (part one)
  • Contest and More News (the editor writes: "Presently, we are working on a New Introductory Booklet to Star Trek to be sent to all members and given to all new members. Should be out in July.")
  • Communication from STNFC president
  • stuff for sale

Journal 2

Star-Fleet Communications 2 was published in July 1968 and contains 4 pages.

cover of issue #2
  • the editor writes: " How is Star-Fleet Communications printed, what process? We use the Xerox 914 copier - you can copy anything on almost any type paper. It makes offset masters in addition to regular copys."
  • The Flowers of Circe, part two, by Lucretia Soderberg (fiction)
  • a drawing of the interior of the shuttlecraft as viewed from above, plus a detailed description
  • some detailed dialogue from the episode "The Apple" plus a photo
  • the editor writes that he is planning a yearbook issue

Journal 3

Star-Fleet Communications 3 was published in August 1968 and contains 12 pages.

front cover of issue #3
  • The Flowers of Circe, part three/conclusion, fiction by Lucretia Soderberg
  • Funcon Star Trek "Blooper" films report (a transcript and description by Linda Stanley of each scene)
  • photograph of the fan demonstration at NBC as described in the previous issue
  • photograph of Leonard Nimoy and his wife at Seafair
  • photograph of four fans ("The Klingon Union of Washington Students") dressed as Klingons at Seafair (one of those fans was Vonda N. McIntyre)
  • ST-Lincoln Report (things for sale by Star Trek Enterprises -- "Letterheads and memo pads. Really official. It is the real stuff." and "THE REAL, AUTHENTIC Insignias as seen on TV!!!!!!!!")
  • contest results (prizes are audio 45s by Leonard Nimoy: "I'd Love Making Love to You" and "Please Don't Try to Change My Mind", also some buttons)
  • telepix taken by Vera Heminger
  • a blurb for the book The Making of Star Trek
  • a crossword puzzle titled "Rate Yourself" (fans were encouraged to record how long it took for them to complete it, average time was expected to be between 3-4 minutes)

Journal 4

Star-Fleet Communications 4 was published in September/October 1968 and contains 11 pages.

cover of issue#4

Journal 5/6

Star-Fleet Communications 6 was published in November/December 1968 and contains 2 pages.

front page of the last issue, Spock and a sehlat
  • the editor explains that there will be no more regular issues:
    It is with a heavy heart (and after a lot of thinking) that I must inform you of a format change concerning Star Fleet Communications. It is now apparent that publication of a bi-monthly (every two months) fanzine consumes far too much time, effort and, most important, extra funds to be a worth-while venture. The response from studio officials (and, to a far lesser degree, the fans themselves) is hardly satisfactory, taking into consideration the great amounts of money spent each nonth. So, THESE WILL BE NO MORE BI-MONTHLY ISSUES OF S.F.C.! Instead, we will put all the articles, photos, reports, etc, that are left over, into a large, bound (covers) issue. All money paid for issues not printed will be returned. This will take weeks, and we need your full co-operation. NO CORRESPONDENCE WILL BE ANSWERED, UNLESS YOU ENCLOSE A STAMPED, SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE, (naturally, this does not apply to all regular writers, you know who you are!


  1. ^ by Shirley Meech in Plak-tow #13 (March 1969)