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Fan Club
Name: Star Trek National Fan Club
Dates: 1968-?
Founder(s): Craig Highberger
Country based in: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Star Trek National Fan Club was a very early Star Trek club.

Despite its official-sounding name, it was not affiliated in any formal way with Paramount.

The club had a monthly bulletin called Star-Fleet Communications as well as the zine S-T Review.

It is not to be confused with STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., a different fan club that had also had a newsletter called Starfleet Communications.

A 1968 Mention

Affiliated with LNNAF, this club had 31 members in January. Its current project is forming an "All About Star Trek" presentation for use in a community center. The club sends out a monthly bulletin with ST news, illos, questions and answers about ST, and contests. Craig and the STNFC have received some fascinating mail lately — a note from Leonard Nimoy acknowledging their bulletin, and a two-page handwritten letter from Walter Koenig answering some questions and replying in friendly fashion to a letter from Craig. [1]


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