The Monthly Trek

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Title: The Monthly Trek
Publisher: The Star Trek National Fan Club ("In association with the LNNAF.")
Editor(s): Craig Highberger out of Pittsburgh, US
Date(s): January 1968
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Monthly Trek is a Star Trek: TOS zine that was published by The Star Trek National Fan Club.

It was succeeded by Star-Fleet Communications, published by the same creators, in June 1968.

For similar zines of this era, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

Issue 1

The Monthly Trek 1 was published in January 1968. It contains 8 pages printed on a sort of thermal paper that did not age well.

cover of issue #1, artist uncredited
inside art from issue #1 by Craig Highberger, made with a typewriter. Highberger wrote: "Would you believe that if you held this at a distance it will look like Spock. I knew I'd find a use for all those typing lessons in High School."

"The Monthly Trek appears to have only existed for a single month (irony in spaaaaaace!), but it was long enough for Craig Highberger to make this piece on his typewriter. Oh yeah, his freakin’ typewriter. Think about that. I’ll bet it wasn’t even a fancy-pants IBM Selectric, either." - [1]

This issue was sent to Leonard Nimoy. His reply was printed in issue #2.

  • Contents, Shows (2)
  • Star Trek Posters (3)
  • Star Trek's Doom! (4)
  • ST Star Trek's Answer Poll (5)
  • "Trivial" Matters (6)
  • Would You Believe Mr. Spock (graphic art made with a typewriter) (7)
  • For Sale and ST Products (8)
  • First Contest (9)
  • Cover Ideas and the LNNAF (10)
  • Still Available and, Photos (11)

Issue 2

The Monthly Trek 2 was published in February 1968 and contains 4 pages.

cover of issue #2

Leonard Nimoy's response upon receiving issue #1:

Just thought you members would like to hear Leonard Nimoy sent me a reply to my sending him a copy of the January Bulletin!!! He said he appreciated our support, among other things!!!

  • short description of the turbolift
  • info about Chekov's wig
  • where to write Walter Koenig
  • short blurb for Plak-Tow
  • winners of the contest in issue #1: one fan wrote a paragraph on "Why I like Doctor McCoy"
  • announcement of the next issue's contest: topic is tribbles
  • an ad for "Star Trek Kits" (photos, drawings, and calendars; it is unclear if these are fan-produced.)

Issue 3

The Monthly Trek 3 was published in March 1968 and contains 4 pages.

cover of issue #2
  • Leonard Nimoy News
  • Star Trek Is Saved!!!
  • Star Trek Clippings
  • ST Records Department (short mentions of LPS: one by William Shatner, one by Leonard Nimoy one by Nichelle Nichols
  • buttons for sale
  • descriptions of the zine Plak-Tow, the fan club Vulcanian Enterprises, the fan club The Little Enterprise
  • information about the planned club journal which was to have been published "two or three times a year"
  • some ways to translate a stardate