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Name: Vonda Neel McIntyre
Also Known As:
Occupation: science fiction writer and biologist
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Vonda N. McIntyre was a science fiction writer and biologist.

A photo taken at Seafair. It portrays Vonda N. McIntyre with several fans (members of "The Klingon Union of Washington Students") dressed as Klingons. Vonda is the first fan on the left. This photo was printed in Star-Fleet Communications in August 1968.

Star Trek fans know McIntyre for her Star Trek tie-in novels which included the novelizations of three of the movies, as well as the early novel The Entropy Effect. It was in this novel that McIntyre popularized Sulu's first name,[1][2] a detail that made its way into canon in the Trek movie "The Undiscovered Country". She is also responsible for naming Captain Kirk's mother Winona.[1] McIntyre was also the author of the Star Wars Expanded Universe novel, The Crystal Star.

McIntyre was also a frequent commenter and debater in science fiction zines. One of those was the Canadian feminist zine The Witch and the Chameleon in which she was an early and influential contributor.

She passed away April 1, 2019.

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