Don't You Just Love Leonard Nimoy?

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Title: Don't You Just Love Leonard Nimoy?
Editor(s): Claire Mason & Karen Flanery
Type: art portfolio
Date(s): May 1970
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Don't You Just Love Leonard Nimoy? is a gen Star Trek: TOS 50-page art portfolio by Claire Mason & Karen Flanery. There were 60 copies made.

A similar zine is Karen & Leonard: A Monochromatic Romance.

The zine contains 50 pages of illustrations of Leonard Nimoy. Most illos are accompanied by a short comment that is some sort of social commentary and/or an in-joke regarding romance, wish-fulfillment, and celebrity life.

Nimoy and Spock are basically relentlessly pursued by women, and is portrayed as being both a good sport and as well as a bit terrified.

The illos include include Nimoy as:

  • characters he portrayed on stage and screen ("Visit to a Small Planet," Roger in a film called "The Balcony," his portrayal of Paris (from Mission Impossible acting as "Yuri Zager")
  • Spock in fantasy settings aboard the Enterprise (example: going to the "InterGalaxy Dance" with Mason.)
  • himself in self-insertion illos with Flanery as she and Spock snuggle, make a wish over splitting a turkey wishbone
  • in settings that portray his popularity (sitting on bags of mail, shielding his eyes from the flash of cameras, charming a young fan)
  • characters in movies, plays, and books he didn't appear in ("Anna and the King of Siam" and "Laurence of Arabia" and as J.R.R. Tolkien's Aragorn)