There and Back Again

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Fan Club
Name: There and Back Again (Nimoy Nest)
Dates: 1967-?
Founder(s): Elizabeth Sheridan
Leadership: in 1973, it was Denny Arnold
Country based in: Massachusetts, US
Focus: Tolkien & Star Trek: TOS
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There and Back Again was a fan club somewhat unique to its time, combining two fandoms. It published the zine Bags End Gazette.

What's the next best thing to reading The Hobbit? Being a citizen of the Shire, of course. How do you do that? By joining TABA, a fan club for Leonard Nimoy run completely by Hobbits from Middle Earth [sic]. Interested? If so, write to Bilbo (yep! He runs it.) [1]

This fan club was a chapter of the LNNAF.

An August 1968 Mention

The ninth issue of Chatter Boxes reported that the club was running a contest to give Mr. Spock a good middle name, conducting write ins to NBC over the ST time-slot change and was planning a UNICEF bake sale.


  1. ^ from an ad in Anti-Matter #3