Vulcanian Enterprises Journal

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Title: Vulcanian Enterprises Journal
Publisher: Vulcanian Enterprises
Editor(s): Elyse Pines and Dana L. Friese
Date(s): 1967
Frequency: perhaps only once
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Vulcanian Enterprises Journal was published in the summer of 1967. It consists of five pages of material. It has the title "V-E Journal" at the top.

It is a sister zine to Vulcanalia.

The Proposed Second Issue

A second issue of this journal, a "Winter Journal," was planned for December 1967, but likely never produced.

In September 1967, the fan club president wrote in Vulcanalia that a fan will "bless VE with a tabletop duplicating machine" and Hal Clement and Isaac Asimov [1] have said they would write articles for it."

In February 1968, the fan club president wrote in Vulcanalia that "The time, energy, and paper to be used originally on the Journal printing was spent on the "Save Star Trek" campaign. As a result, the Journal will be out very late. Please bear with us."

The 1967 Summer Journal

It contains:

  • a brief description (no opinions) of the LP album, Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space, and where to purchase it
  • "On Mon, April 17, 1967, the Pros. and V.P. of VE wore invited by Dot Records, Inc. to meet LN at the airport. The next day, we beat the plane by a half hour. lt landed at the Am. Airlines terminal of Kennedy Airport at 6:23 PM. We were able to talk to Mr. Nimoy for almost a full hour and were able to ask him several questions. VE: "How do your ears stay on?" LN: "They hang touch." VE: "What are the dubious effects of alcohol?" LN: Many and varied."
  • a note from the fan club president: "Greetings and felicitations! Herein you are reading what turned out to be the efforts of seven hard works. They are Gale Burnick, Rebecca Wenger, Judy Ross, Margo La Malfa, Liza J. Blaney, my Vice President, and myself. I am highly indebted to the others, for without them this Journal would not have been possible. It's enough that I write and type the monthly Vulcanalias! The Journal had to be more from the members and for a first attempt I think it has turned out splendidly. Please, if any of you readers feel so moved, write me with opinions, suggestions, etc. They will be most welcome, and carefully thought about. At the present time this club has 60 members, unfortunately only about 1/9 of which are really "members." These few work like dogs with Elyse and me to get the wheels turning. The thing that gets me is that these hard workers are so spread out! Gale -- NYC, Rebecca -- NYC, Judy -- Canada., etc. Enough of my rambling. Rea on and I hope you enjoy it. If ever you get a yen to send in an article for it -- it's very welcome!"
  • a poem by D.L. Friese titled "Eridani 40"
  • a poem by Margo La Malfa called "Spock"
  • a poem by Rebecca Wenger called "Sonnet on a Man of Vulcan"
  • a poem by Margo La Malfa called "A Man of Duty"
  • an essay by Liza J. Blaney about some scientific inaccuracies about gravity in the episode "Squire of Gothos" -- "I am not a scientist, I don not get technical when watching or reading science fiction. But when the Basic Laws which govern our Universe are disregarded, I become aroused. So, please if anyone out in NBC is reading this, do not shun the order of the Universe. Let me have uninterrupted bliss on Thursday nights."
  • an essay (a rebuttal to the Blaney one) by Dana L. Friese called "A Friendly Ambassador in Retaliation"
  • a crossword puzzle
  • an very short essay by Liza J. Blaney called "The Vulcan Emotion"
  • "To the Dentist" (from a letter by Judy Ross) about Nimoy going to the dentist in full Spock make-up
  • a cartoon called "yeah Spock" by Judy Ross


  1. ^ Hal Clement, Harlan Ellison, and Isaac Asimov were honorary club members.