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You may be looking for the anthology Vulcania.

Title: Vulcanalia
Publisher: Vulcanian Enterprises
Editor(s): Dana L. Friese and Elyse Pines
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1967-1969
Frequency: bi-monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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first page of the first issue

Vulcanalia is a gen Star Trek: TOS newsletter. It is considered the very first Star Trek zine.

This zine has a single-issue sister zine called Vulcanian Enterprises Journal.

For similar zines of this era, see List of Star Trek TOS Zines Published While the Show Was Still On the Air.

Reactions and Reviews

From a fan in 1970:
Now we are into ancient history! This is the earliest ST I have heard of Vulcanian Enterprises put it out as their club bulletin. It ran one or two pages usually. Memeod [sic] at first, I think, later it was dittoed. It had a few articles and some ST games and information on Nimoy and records of his public appearances. Due to small runs, I imagine that these will be probably become collectors' items in the field of Star Trek memorabilia. [1]
The editor of the zine Spockanalia writes:
In one of the past HC, you've spoken about reprinting the good ST stories so that new readers can get them. I, in my own way (she said modestly) am doing my bit... I have reprinted Spockanalia #2 and #4, and will be working on #1 as soon as my typer is overhauled. I feel we published some of the very best of the early ST fiction, and I hope that people will be interested in reading it. Now that I reread this, it sounds awful... awfully conceited. Ah well, we were the earliest fanzine, as opposed to clubzine -- THAT was VULCANALIA, and we DID publish some of the best damn work! [2]

Issue 1

Vulcanalia v.1 no.1 was published in January 1967 and it is a single sheet of paper, printed on both sides.

  • a short Nimoy bio
  • a description of Star Trek and the character Spock
  • "Anyone wishing to have the [audio] tapes of past Star Trek shows, contact the Treas., Elyse Pines. She has tapes of all shows from 'Miri' onward."[3]
  • "Dues are 25 cents per month, to cover all mailing charges and the price of materials. Please send or give to one of the officials."
  • "Anyone wishing to submit an article to the Vulcanalia contact one of the officers. Will be glad to include it in the paper."
  • "Pres. Dana Friese received a beautiful Christmas card from the Nimoy family. Holiday greetings from Mr. Spock to V.E.!"

Issue 2

first page of issue #2

Vulcanalia v.1 no.2 was published in February 1967. It consists of a single sheet of paper, printed on both sides.

  • a list of eleven fan names who owed the club money. "Please pay up. Soon a list of club rules will be made up and it will be very strict about this matter."
  • "Mr. Spock sent a wonderful not commenting on how much he enjoyed the first publication of 'Vulcanalia.' Let's keep up the good work."
  • the words to the song that Uhura sang to Riley, "Beyond Antares"
  • a very brief essay by a fan about why she liked the newly-aired episode, "Galileo"
  • "Match the Quotes," a short quiz by Elyse Pines
  • a crossword puzzle, answers are promised in the next issue

Issue 3

Vulcanalia v.1 no.3 was published in March 1967.

Issue 4

first page of issue #4

Vulcanalia v.1 no.4 was published in April 1967. It consists of a single sheet of paper, printed on both sides.

  • "Dues are getting to be a real problem now. The delinquent members have by now all gotten notices. Please pay up or no projects can be undertaken."
  • "The meeting was a disaster. Only 10 out of 47 showed up. Explanations are in order from those who stated that they would attend yet didn't show up. Important things were discussed and the losses all the club's. The next one will probably in late May or in June."
  • The Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans: "At the meeting the LNNAF was discussed and then voted upon. The result was that the club members ware not to join and fight against it. THIS IS HOW CHANGED. The past few weeks have brought enlightenment from several other fan clubs and "our leader". We were against becoming affiliated for several reasons: one person was controlling the whole information center and sending out pretty ridiculous bulletins (Mrs. Peggye Vickers), and the direct communication which we had enjoyed with L.N. was disrupted. Mrs. Vickers had a kind of dictatorship over the 70-odd clubs with no say towards our individuality. However, if I may coin a phrase, would you believe It was just organizing chaos just like that which "V.E." went through? Now direct comm. has been restored, with only strictly club material going to Peggye. Elyse and I have to join -- the only catch is that if we don't, no information will come to us. If any others wish to join, let one of us know. It is not necessary as all the info sent to us will be in the "Vulcanalia." The cost for joining is $2.00."
  • "Quasars," a poem written by Jesse Greenstein "Astronomer, Cal. Tech."
  • episodes: their air dates and a short summaries

Issue 5

first page of issue #5

Vulcanalia v.1 no.5 was published in May 1967. It contains only one page of print.

  • "The call is continuously for dues. Delinquents please pay up."
  • "Leonard Nimoy's Visit to NYC Meeting at Airport. The Pres and V.P. went to the airport to meet L.N.. He arrived at 6:28 PM Wed AA flight 26. There were exactly 4 fans there to greet him, the others being the officers of a branch in Wiiliamsburg, called Spockness. The V.E. officers spoke with him for about 25 min. and walked along with him during the process of getting his luggage (which got lost for a while) and finding the car. The officers did not find out until almost too late about his arrival, and the few members asked to come along could not. The information was phoned to the Press. by Dot Records.... FLASH: At the airport an interesting fact was found out. Leonard Nimoy is reading "The Hobbit" & loving it! [4] A belated birthday gift (couldn't decide what to get) sent is the "Trilogy" & "The Tolkien Reader." A small welcoming gift of 5 hobbit and Middle-earth buttons were given to him when he flipped over the Pres's coat. (It's covered with buttons - have you seen it?"
  • "Dot Records got in touch with the Pres. about the albums. All information on the record can be gotten by contacting her. If any record store can either not get a copy for you or simply refuses to order one, please notify her as to [the store's] name and address. This will go to the co. and be promptly taken care of."
  • "The Pres., VP and assistant (G. Burnick) went to NBC Studios on Wed to see Mr. Nimoy when he entered the studio [before his appearance on "The Tonight Show." At 5:15 PM he arrived and the officers went upstairs to the studio, where L.N. ordered the pages to give them "All special consideration, with tickets end their choice of seats for the show." The "Tonight Show" was then taped with Leonard Nimoy as special guest star (& naturally coming out last). The highlights of it were when he put Vulcanian ears on Ed McMahon, and felled Dean with a "nerve pinch". Upon seeing the three officers holding up the large "Officers of Vulcanian Enterprises" sign, he immediately made a plug for the club by mentioning it. (oh -The officers were caught on camera with it). After the show followed a pleasant but too-too-short conversation with L.N., ending with more picture taking."

Issue 6

first page of issue #6

Vulcanalia v.1 no.6 was published in June 1967. It is three pages of print. The fan club had 52 members.

  • "Dues -- the officers have been very lenient for an awfully long time. All those who have not paid up to the point where they have exceeded the owing of $1.00 are not receiving this copy of the Vulcanalia. They will receive noting but notices to the effect of their debts, and will be temporarily suspended until they do pay up. Dues of months to come that they do not pay in addition will be added to the sum already owed. Remember, no one has any excuse! If you joined for a lark, the officers hope you realize that this is a wrong assumption."
  • an uncredited poem, "Full Moon"
  • a fan describes Nimoy's appearance on the "Joey Bishop Show" (April 26, 1967) both as Leonard Nimoy and in character as Mr. Spock
  • a fan describes Nimoy's appearance on "The Mike Douglas Show" (May 3, 1967): the skit starred Leonard Nimoy (acting calm and cool like Mr. Spock), Barbara Eden, and Mike Douglas. Nimoy was dating Eden who was Douglas' girlfriend, no matter what Douglas did to him when he finds them having dinner (such as pouring a glass of wine on Nimoy) Nimoy is calm. The skit ends when Nimoy throws Eden over his shoulder and walks out.
  • an invitation to Elyse Pines' house for the club meeting
  • back issues of this zine are for sale
  • airing dates and summaries of episodes
  • a hope that if all members pay up their dues, the July issue will be a "JUMBO" issue with five pages

Issue 7

first page of issue #7

Vulcanalia v.2 no.1 was published in July 1967. It contains only one page of print. Membership in the club is now 59, and includes a Canadian member!

  • "Dues -- will all members who received notices with their Vulcanalias pay up promptly? If you want that jumbo issue you must clear your records to supply the money."
  • "IMPORTANT! -- ALL MEMBERS who did NOT attend the meeting are to immediately notify the officers of the reason why. This game of ring-around-the-rosey is now ended and any member who cannot comply with this will run into trouble."
  • "In the June issue, the rules of the club were printed. On the last [rule], there has been much debate as to its exact connotations. This article is in explanation. The rule states: "The officers of Vulcanian Enterprises are permanently in that rank. As original formers of the complete idea of the club, they claim all rights and authority over its activities, membership, and ruling) & are certified in the position by Leonard Nimoy, his office, and the LNNAF. More than one member has claimed that this appears to be a complete dictatorship. Let me hasten to assure you that it most certainly is not! True, the officers or the club (Elyse and myself) have complete charge over who joins the club, but that is usually the case in a fan club! The rules were made up to protect the club and itr members from stresses, whether eternal or Internal, The only real authority over the club's activities is the deciding of time and place, and whether or not the club can finance it (which so far has always stopped any activities!) And as for getting different officers, see the first ten words of the rule. If anyone wants to run a fan club that badly,, they should have formed one themselves and gone through what we did the first three months!"

Issue 8

first page of issue #8

Vulcanalia v.2 no.2 was published in August 1967. It contains only one page of print.

  • "Will all members owing even one month's dues kindly pay up? If all those who paid faithfully could speak to the non-payers, it would be a great service."
  • "Another meeting will soon be scheduled. Will all those members who did not attend the last one please come to this? Much was discussed and those who did not come will never know what the club could have done if its supposed "true" members would support it."
  • "Attention All Leonard Nimoy and Hobbit Lovers! Leonard Nimoy has cut a new single record entitled The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. For those who missed it, he sang it on last Friday's installment of "Malibu U."... On the show, Mr. Nimoy was wearing a button believed to be one of those given to him by the club's officers."
  • "In Anger: Mr. Nimoy hopes that all clubs would give extra money to UNICEF. I'm sorry to say that Vulcanian Enterprises can't even pay her own debt, let alone help others! What do you think we're trying to sell buttons and photographs for? It's obvious that we're not getting anywhere, but it's up to the club members whenever or not the club gets the Nimoy award."

Special Jumbo Summer Issue

Vulcanalia Jumbo Summer Issue was published in August 1967. It is five pages of print. See Vulcanian Enterprises Journal.

Issue 9

first page of issue #9

Vulcanalia v.2 no.3 was published in September 1967. It is three pages of print. Membership has skyrocketed to 112, mainly due to the club's presence at NyCon.

  • "All members please pay your dues now."
  • the newsletter lists 22 (men) "famous science-fiction people" who were at NyCon
  • this fan club is "now the proud owner of Mr. Spock's velour uniform shirt" -- this was won at the NyCon auction for $36, several club members pitched in money as well as Hal Clement and Isaac Asimov, the uniform shirt itself "was from a future episode called "The Apple" (it has a slash in the back due to the fact that Spock got hit by a lightning bolt...)" The shirt will be used by the club as a pattern for possible costume copies.
  • a Winter Journal is planned for December: a fan will "bless VE with a tabletop duplicating machine" and Hal Clement and Isaac Asimov have said they would write articles for it.
  • there is a review by Stuart Hellinger of the Star Trek Comic Book #1
  • Despite advance info, the club pushes out some misinformation: "Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Fred Clark, we have acquired a preview of "Star Trek" episodes in the near future." Amok Time: A word to the wise -- don't be too shocked at anything you see or hear!" and "The Trouble With Tridles" -- a tridle is a funny furry thing about 3 feet long and 1 foot wide. So -- what's the trouble? (Just wait and see!)" and "Mirror, Mirror" -- written by George (Sulu) Takei."
  • included is a poem by Robert Bloch that supposedly appears in an unnamed Star Trek script: "Here from the womb, untimely ripped. You have my brain-child as a script. A Star Trek baby, all revised. Not badly cut, just circumsized. You may be sorry that this work. Is not inscribed by Captain Kirk, Nor can I sign for Mr. Spock, I'm just the writer --"
  • This is also included: "A Saying. 'May peace and happiness run amok against the people of the planet Earth.' -- Leonard Nimoy (Amok Time)"
  • from the Editorial by Stuart Hellinger: "This is a club that was founded in all seriousness. After being in existence for several months and having gone through a few meetings with only the officers in attendance and then having the added trouble of collecting dues, it is felt that many members joined for a lark. They had no intention of complying with the club's rules and regulations. To these people who getting this edition, we ay: you should back out from the club now. We don't need people like you in the club. To those who wish to leave, this is the solution: pay back all dues but notify the officers that you no longer want to be an active member. You will be taken off the list. Through lack of dues, the money for printing has come out of the officers' pockets. Once the dues come in regularly we can improve the "Vulcanalia" to a point not yet reached. Members who owe more than $1, will not receive this issue. If you know any members who fall into this category please show them this article so that we can limit our membership to serious members only. The attendance at our meetings has been very poor. At the last meeting (June 24) we had only four members of VE present besides the officers!"

Issue 10

first page of issue #10

Vulcanalia v.2 no.4 was published in October 1967. It consists of a single sheet of paper, printed on one side. Club membership is 117.

  • "About 10 new members are promised at the meeting. All members please pay up their dues."
  • "The President just sent away for information on buttons that Bjo Trimble has for sale. These ones are the "I Grok Mr. Spock" ones or Nycon. Although regularly 25 cents each, they will be 15 cents or 20 cents per as we're buying In volume. Bjo Trimble has some items from "Star Trek" to sell. One tribble price to be haggled over with her. At Nycon they were sold for $20 apiece. [5] Two envelopes of 18 film clips of "ST" @ $5.00 the set. Also available five envelopes of 15 clips of "ST" @ $5.00 the set, and some uncut special effects, price to be haggled. Her address is [redacted]. [Nancy Nagel is getting information for VE on pins made after the Vulcan ceremonial bells. By the time of the meeting an estimate should be available."
  • "Danielle Dabbs and Annette Bristol attended the Heart 'O Texas Fair and Rodeo from Oct 3-7, the last day featured none other than LN. By means of a frantically sent telegram from the Press. and their own ingenuity, they secured an interview."
  • info about the upcoming meeting and costume party at the treasurer's house on October 28.

Issue 11

first page of issue #11

Vulcanalia v.2 no.5 was published in November 1967. It consists of a single sheet of paper, printed on both sides. Club membership is now 131.

  • "IMPORTANT! All members please write to NBC at 30 Rockefeller Center, New York, NY. "Star Trek" is in great danger of being take off the air at half-season. There is a possibility of the night being changed also, but for now let's take care of the most immediate problem."
  • "The duplicator should be bought sometime in the next three weeks. As soon as it is possible after that, the membership cards will be printed and sent out."
  • regarding the upcoming Winter Journal, the club president begs for art, but they are "virtually swamped with written material"
  • the Costume Party (October 28, 1967) was a "rousing success": "The meeting didn't have any real starting time, in the sense that all who were coning showed up at nearly the same time. Things like that are too orthodox for VE people! Gale's house was inundated from 10:30 AM on. After the initial chaos of everyone getting on their makeup, the meeting was called to order (if it could be called that) There were all talking at once. However, the business proceeded with much success. Many things were discussed. Included: Nycon, buttons, the Journal future plans, and everyone got a good view of Martha Hortense II also (the Horta used at Nycon.) At the end of the meeting, the Costume Party officially started. There was food for hungry Vulcans, and everybody just milled until the skits were ready to be put on. A play written by Debbie McCann was presented, about a Vulcan stowaway aboard the Enterprise, (whole story in the Journal) was great, and all the members seemed to enjoy it. Also, there were a few commercials given in the middle, guaranteed even to crack up Spock. An impromptu "scenes from next week" had the crazy Horta crew plus a few others do a bit from "Amok Time", following the script. Best costumes will be described in the Journal, perhaps with drawings."

Issue 12

first page of issue #12

Vulcanalia v.2 no.6 was published in December 1967. It consists of a single sheet of paper, printed on one side.

  • "IMPORTANT! "Star Trek" will definitely be taken off the air in January unless something is done fast.
  • this issue has a copy of a form letter for fans to use to send to NBC
  • this issue has some info about the upcoming club meeting, set for December 23, 1967 at the club president's house

Issue 13

first page of issue #13

Vulcanalia v.3 no.1 was published in January 1968. It consists of a single sheet of paper, printed on both sides.

  • fans are encouraged to keep writing letters to save Star Trek, even though the show was "safe for the rest of this season"
  • buttons were sold, one per fan: "Totally Illogical" and "I Grok Mr. Spock" -- only 200 had been ordered
  • there is a short description of Baycon along with some plans for fans to get there: everyone get there themselves somehow, the fan club rents a bus, the fan club rents a plane! "DC9 jet is hired for the group, for a 25-60% discount off regular jet fares."
  • "A Brief History of VE by the Pres."
  • "Rules for Vulcanian Enterprises"
The History:

Here VE is now a rapidly growing club of 173 members, one year old. This comes as a great surprise to me, as a few times VE was floundering beyond belief. So, in answer to the requests for information about the history, I've thrown together a small epic.

Vulcanian Enterprises was formed at some Indefinite date in Dec 1966. The charter members numbered about 20, and the first Vulcanalia came out (Charter copy that all get).

February came in with 32 members, and the first dues-collection problems. VE sent a frantic note to LN for more pics and cards — we had used up our original 25.

March brought 46 members, and meeting disaster #1. The first stirrings of the LNNAF were heard about here, and dues were starting to cause panic at headquarters. LN had the officers call him up when he was in NYC.

April had gotten us only to 47 members, and the LNNAF was starting to throw its weight around. Decision: let's be friendly until something definite develops. Loss of direct communication with LN develops from LNNAF interference. LN's first album is released about this time.

May brought 49 members and LN to NYC for the memorial airport meeting and the Tonight Show episodes. Also realized was LN's reading of the Tolkien books — VE gave him the trilogy and the Reader.

June marched in with 52 members, and the VE rules (here re-stated).

July made us international, with 59 members and a Canadian included. Plans are made for small Summer Journal.

August came with 61 members. Batten down the hatch for Nycon!

Sept. brought the end of the Convention, 112 members, Mr. Spock's shirt, scripts, and hundreds of photos. Included in the membership now are Hal Clement and Isaac Asimov. "ST" comic book comes out.

October brings the Costume Party meeting and 117 members. Bjo Trimble is now heard from and there are plans for a Winter Journal.

November brought 131 members, the first sale of "Totally Illogical" buttons, and Cover Contest.

December created the first drastic attempts
 on our own duplicator, the notice of "ST'"s danger,
 and brought 145 members.
The Rules:

1) All dues must be paid during the month before. These dues are: .50 to join, and .25 monthly. These can be paid up to a year in advance (3.25), and are used to pay for bulletins, buttons, etc.

2) Members delinquent in paying dues receive notices to that effect. Those owing 1.00 (4 months) or more, no longer receive the bulletin until they pay their dues. Then all issues missed through their delinquency are sent to them.

3) Members are expected to attend at least 1/2 of the meetings, except if they live outside of the city (the nearer you live, the more you're expected to attend), or if the meeting is announced as a small local.

4) All members are expected to do all in their power to keep "Star Trek" on the air, and Leonard Nimoy as a powerful popularity figure.

5) Anyone may Join Vulcanian Enterprises, over age 12. Those under this age must show by either speech or writing that they are knowing enough to understand the bulletin,, journals, etc., as sometimes scientific articles are included.

6) Upon joining, all members receive a membership card, a Charter copy, a photo of Mr. Spock, and the bulletin of the month in which they joined.

7) Vulcanian Enterprises is a club formed for its members. The members are free to send in opinions, suggestions, articles, etc.,and are encouraged to do so. As the original formers of the club, the officers are in a permanent position, and can veto the previous items listed. However, they only will do so if it is either injurious to club or Leonard Nimoy, or it it could form a situation which would be either too difficult or too expensive for the club to handle. The officers do not have absolute power.

8) There will never be chapters formed of Vulcanian Enterprises, as this action widely separates the officers from all the members, slows down operation, and goes against the original purpose of the club.

9) If a member wishes to quit the club, he should write to the Pres. and state so. He must clear his record of dues delinquency, and then, will be taken off the membership list with no further ado. Rules are added and changed from time to time; the members will be kept notified.

Issue 14

first page of issue #14

Vulcanalia v.3 no.2 was published in February 1968. It is three pages of print. Club membership is now 203.

  • "KEEP WRITING! It isn't certain as to when the decision for next season will be made, so every letter helps."
  • "The time, energy, and paper to be used originally on the Journal printing was spent on the "Save Star Trek" campaign. As a result, the Journal will be out very late. Please bear with us."
  • "Please note that Elyse is no longer Vice-Pres. For the time being send all dues to Gale, and all correspondence to Dana."
  • "Baycon Trip News: Only 9 people responded to the offer of a Charter Plane! If 7 more can be found, there's a mother plan to be used. Otherwise, everybody is on their own!"
  • the next club meeting was scheduled for April 16, 1968 in the basement of the club president's church, which had a gymnasium and a stage: "It will begin promptly at 1:30. If you are late, nothing will be gone over.... You can wear anything you wish, costumes, too. Steady attendees can tell you how informal it is. Will be over no later than 5:30."
  • a fan writes a testimonial about her favorite scene in the show, where Mr. Spock has an "emotional breakdown" and is "alone, ill, weeping, 'I could never even tell my mother that I loved her.'" ("Naked Time" is the ep). This fan likes the scene because Spock is vulnerable. "In that brief instant, Mr. Spock the alien became forever Spock the man."

Issue 15

first page of issue #15

Vulcanalia v.3 no.4 was published in March 1968. It consists of a single sheet of paper, printed on both sides. Club membership is now 227, and may have a lead on a "possible member from Belgium."

  • "Star Trek is saved for next year! Announcement after show. Will be on Mondays 7:30-8:30."
  • "membership cards are being made up," "journals are being worked on," "no bumper stickers are available -- perhaps in the near future."
  • there appears to be an article about Baycon, and there may be an essay by Susan Hereford about her favorite scene in the show -- it was promised in the last issue, but was "far too long" and would be in this issue "as a special article." [6]


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