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Title: Perihelion
Publisher: Flying Turtle Productions
Editor(s): Renee L. Groce
Date(s): 1986-1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7, Doctor Who & multimedia
Language: English
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Perihelion is a gen multifandom poetry anthology with an emphasis on Doctor Who and Blake's 7.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Perihelion 1 was published in 1986, is a collection of 28 stories, poems, cartoons and non-fiction, and is 70 pages long.

  • Blake's 7 poetry
  • Doctor Who material
  • other unknown content

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Rene L. Groce

Perihelion 2 contains 91 pages and was published in 1989.


  • Rene L. Groce, editorial
  • ad for Time Remembered, a Doctor Who/B7 crossover by M.S. Collins
  • Omniana (Cher Ryan), "Astral-Inter-Projection Via Mac
  • (Dedicated to Patrick Troughton's Dear Memory)"

B7 Fiction:

  • Roj Blake, "Subversive Material"
  • Ren e L. Groce, "Voices of Freedom"
  • Alicia Ann Fox, "Once Every Year"
  • Barbara O'Quinn, "Man of Glass"
  • Linda Terrell, "What Are Legend" (also in The Chronicles #27/28 and Something... Unfriendly #1)
  • Michelle Moyer, "Silvanar Is Very Green"
  • Michelle Moyer, "Resignation"
  • Mary Gerstner & April Giordano, "Exiles"
  • Michelle Moyer, "Rescuing Orac"
  • Ren e L. Groce, "One Good Turn Deserves Another"
  • Nicole Petty, "Second Chance"
  • Nakwisi Awahill, "Too Late the Telling"
  • Theresa D. Buffaloe, "Abduction"

Non-B7 fiction:

  • Florence Shirley, "00312" (original SF)
  • Charles Rutledge, "...By Any Other Name" (original SF)

B7 poetry:

  • Nakwisi Awahill, "To the Loner-- Kerr Avon"
  • Kim Holec, "Remembrance"

Non-B7 poetry:

  • Nakwisi Awahill, "Oft in the Night, originally entitled Musings" (original SF)
  • Angela Bozeman, "Reflections" (Doctor Who
  • Rodney Ruff, "When I'm 164" (Doctor Who) filk
  • Rodney Ruff, "Professor Xavier Had a Team" (X-Men) filk

B7 art:

  • Rene L. Groce (cover)
  • Mike Badwell
  • Phil Bolton
  • Theresa Buffaloe
  • Lisa Conner
  • Cheryl Mandus
  • Mary Gerstner
  • April Giordano
  • Christopher Cook
  • Laura Matheson

Non-B7 art:

  • Cher Ryan
  • Partick Troughton
  • Phil Bolton
  • Rene L. Groce