Fantasy Amateur Press Association

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Title: Fantasy Amateur Press Association
Date(s): 1937-present
Medium: print
Fandom: science fiction
Language: English
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Fantasy Amateur Press Association ("FAPA") is science fiction fandom's longest-established amateur press association ("apa" or "apazine"). It is also fandom's longest-running organization of any kind, preceding the founding of the runner-up, the National Fantasy Fan Federation, by nearly four years.

It was founded in 1937 by Futurians Donald A. Wollheim and John B. Michel.

FAPA's original membership limit was 50 members to accommodate publishers using hectographs.

There were 21 members listed on the roster of the first mailing in August 1937; it took until the November 1938 mailing to fill the 50-member roster. The membership limit was raised to 65 in 1943. Even with that increase, there were long, long waiting lists.

As of May 2016, there were 23 active participants (including one joint membership).

Some Past Notable Members

Notable members over the years have included Forrest J Ackerman | James Blish | Marion Zimmer Bradley | Myrtle R. Douglas (Morojo) | David McDaniel aka "Ted Johnstone" | Elmer Perdue | Bjo Trimble | John Trimble | Donald A. Wollheim

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