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Name: John B. Michel
Also Known As: Hugh Raymond, J. B. Mitchel, John Tara, John Michel, Bowen Conway, Lawrence Woods, Alan Barrister
Occupation: author, editor
Medium: print
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John B. Michel (1917–1969) was a science fiction author and editor. He was also a member of the Futurians and a cofounder of the Fantasy Amateur Press Association.

Together with Donald A. Wollheim, he coined the term ghu which is still in use in science fiction fandom.

Michel wrote the infamous Mutation or Death! speech that Wollheim delivered at the Third Eastern Science Fiction Convention in 1937. In a 1938 story by William S. Sykora, a character modeled after him was called "John the Silent", supported by Wollheim as "Don the Terrible".[1]

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  1. ^ Willis Conover: Letter printed in Fantascience Digest #5 pg. 14 (July 1938): ""The Thousandth Raid" could have been better, but was interesting, none the less. I wonder how many readers spotted a similarity between the characters in the story and certain science fiction notables? William Brain was (unblushingly) the auhtor, Wm. S. Sykora. Herb the Good, Herbert Goudket. John the Silent, probably John B. Michel. Don the Terrible--who else but Wollheim? Carl Horn and Jules Black are obviously Hornig and Gernsback. (I should think that Jules Black is Julius Schwartz. You know, "schwartz" means "black" in German-- RAM)"